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Happy Mardi Gras Sydney

One of the most elaborate fashion events of the year is occurring this weekend; the biggest party of the year – Mardi gras. People from all over the world come to this event and for the gay population in Australia – it is Christmas, a night of recognition and celebration to those that are proud to be part of our ever expanding gay population. For the rest of the Sydneysiders and other Australian’s who come to party, it is a night that we can celebrate together the joy of living in such a colourful country.

Mardi gras is just as famous for the elaborate costumes as the genre for the parade itself. I decided to leave the sequins and sparkles for the queens of the show and settle for something that is still eye-catching to say the least. A short, tight, black cut out dress so small I wouldn’t wear it for anything other than Mardi gras. Black peep toe heels that are high enough to empahsise the pins but low enough to be able to dance the night away comfortably. Add some tummy tucking undies and a push-up water bra my outfit should guarantee at least one drink bought for me.

Tease my light blonde hair up into a huge quiff and add some fake tan, false eyelashes and a fuck-off smokey eye and I’m set to go! Happy Mardi Gras Sydney, enjoy the one night per year you can truly let your hair down – no judgment.


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