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The After-Party

The party of the year is over – and what a party it was.  Sipping champagne at lunchtime was a pretty good indictor to the extent that alcohol was to be consumed and beginning to get ready whilst the sun was beaming was quite a feat considering as the norm is to be leaving you apartment to go out when the time is in the double digits.

Four females and one gay man getting ready = makeup mayhem.  Our outfits involved tight blue lycra, fuchsia sparkly shoes and tulle. Makeup and hair consisted of as much volume and height ‘Fudge sky scraper’ could manage and an entire tub of ‘Red Earth eye shadow in onyx’. Hip flasks in tow, off to the parade we set.

Front row was warned to be the impossible but long legs and towering heels were in our favour allowing us access to one of the hottest spots available. Vibrant and eclectic were the characters and colours. Quirks ranged from lady gaga mock-up and cat eye contacts to flamingo heads, dominatrix leather and a hat made from fairy floss.  What a great parade it was, the peak night of the year so far on my radar. And isn’t it fabulous to live in such a country that not only accepts different minority groups but encourages the support.

Eye bar and $3 shots ensured that alcohol levels proceeded past the limit that then carries over to the binge drinking level and was followed by dancing at Soho until I was kindly escorted out. A few night caps at the piano room finished the evening and were followed by a quick taxi ride, a shower, half a loaf of bread and sleep.

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One thought on “The After-Party

  1. sandy mackellar on said:

    Love it Kel Bel!!!
    these blogs are great!!! so proud of you!!!

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