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There’s nothing better than a girls night in – and by this I am not referring to a girls night – which is subject to drinking endless bottles of champagne and giggling about sexual things our boyfriends would kill us if they knew we shared. A girls night in is a solo event where one enjoys purely their own company – those that are unable to do so, need to re-evaluate themselves – after all haven’t you heard that if you can’t have fun with yourself your certainly not fun to anyone else?

I usually start the evening with a bath, a few drops of Rosehip oil in the water of course; the ritual in the bath is that I will generally have a conditioning treatment and toner in my hair, a micro-debrassion scrub for my face and full body exfoliation. I love the nourishing hair treatment by Defuse, the Décor toner, Joey’s micro-debrassion mask and the delicious Botani Spirulina slat scrub.

Once dry, a layer of St Tropez fake tan is applied and half an hour of walking around in my undies ensues.

Whatever I want for dinner follows after (generally a crunchy Asian salad yum!) whilst I sit in front of Gossip Girl straightening my hair with my GHD.

This evolves into the process of flipping through trashy magazines whilst having an at home mani – ped.
Happy pampering ladies – learn to love you and your own company.

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