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Skin Is Fashion

In my opinion good skin is much more fashionable than the latest thigh high boots or Burberry trench. No matter how good your outfit or how amazing your hair – bad skin ruins all other efforts that contribute to your overall appearance.

There is nothing more glamorous, more luxurious or more beautiful than softly glowing skin, primed to perfection. So how do you get this mythical skin because let’s face it we all wake up with a pillow face, hormonal breakout and the dreaded fine lines.

Having tried and tested pretty much every single product available in Australia I can finally give a detailed information list on which makeup and skincare products are the best, have the most features and give the biggest bang for your buck.

So I will be giving you a extensive list and then a weekly update about the latest greats in the world of magical potions and lotions AKA the skincare and cosmetics industry which is singlehandedly responsible for the dents in women’s pay-checks; but hey it’s worth it as – skin is fashion.

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