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What to Wear – Curiouser and Curiouser

Friday is the beginning of the weekend and a day that lifts peoples spirits….the working week is over, drinks are to be drunk and playtime is here.

Tonight I am catching up with an old friend Rolley – a guy whose very nature makes you smile and who you always end up drinking way to much with and going way to crazy. So a great night needs a great outfit …. Let’s start with some colour – the occasion certainly calls for it. I am thinking of a great hot pink party dress that’s short with a sweetheart bust found at Glebe markets. Add to that some strappy 10inch gold heels with and an armful of gold bangles. Attach some waved hair extensions paired with hot pink lipstick and I am set to dance and drink the night away!

Future music festival is taking place on Saturday and I will be in attendance; dressed in a cute jumpsuit with splashes of bright pink and blue. Short, backless and loose it’s a great find from a small store in Burwood. Teamed with a vintage grey clutch, minimalist makeup, a bun and HUGE sunglasses I am ready for any act that may ensue. The day will begin with drinks at Randwick pub flowed by swigs from the stashed hip flask. And then just to tip off the night, names have been placed on the list for World bar so that the partying will continue well over the 12 hour drinking period.

Sunday will find me sleeping, watching the fabulous True Blood and shopping for a new gold necklace – courtesy of a certain kind boyfriend. Usually days like this are spent in cut-off denim shirts and a loose shirt to cover the bloated belly from the 24 hour bender.

Tips if you are having a similar weekend?

Drink water – Use Rosehip Oil – Eat before you sleep – Take a sleeping pill (hangover cure) – Dress in something that looks fabulous but that you can dance comfortably in – And above all…..have a great time. Summer party season is almost over, so get your legs out, enjoy the fruity cocktails and live it up.


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