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The Art of Faking It

We live in a world where we fake everything from eyelashes to orgasms. Some fakes are good…some not so good.

Good Fakes

I happen to be a big fan of SOME fakes – if used correctly with the right procedures and applications they are way better than the real thing.

Fake tan is way better than the real thing… begin with roasting yourself like a rotisserie chicken only increases your chances of skin cancer. Tanning also creates pre-mature ageing which results in fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and pigmentation which are all really gross looks in comparison with the few benefits of having a real tan. My one love St Tropez gives you all the benefits of a tan in a lovely little bottle. The new solution smells great, it never streaks and the 8 hour effect is on par with two weeks holidaying at the actual St Tropez. It’s magical, however if you are unwilling to fork out $70 per bottle there are some cheaper alternatives.

Sally Hansen ‘airbrush legs’ is literally a miracle in a bottle. Freckles, cellulite and veins all disappear instantly with a simple spray. Perfect for a night out when you have forgotten to spray tan the previous night…..also good as an extra coat! There are 4 different colours to suit all skin types but I suggest the deep if you can pull of a good tan.

Other good brands of fake tan include the ‘Ella Bache ‘cream tan – gives a beautiful light, even tan and the’ Le Tan’ foaming tan – for $11 and a great colour you can look past the smell.

Fake eyelashes are another great fake….individual ones look beautiful and open up the whole eye if applied to the outer corners. You don’t need to fork out $120-, buying the individual ones does the same job it just takes a bit of practice in getting the application technique correct.

Hair extensions are god’s gift to women. I myself cannot stand fiddling with my hair all the time so having a maintainable shoulder length for the office works well, with the benefit of being able to literally ‘let my hair down’ on the weekends by clipping in extra hair pieces. The rules are though; make sure they are good extensions!! Bad ones are a different colour or not chopped into the natural colour and cut. The hair should flow naturally without there being an obvious break where the real hair meets the fake hair. NOTE; NEVER BUY ACRYLIC HAIR…..BAD!

Bad Fakes Include

All fake designer gear – just save up until you can afford the real thing

Acrylic nails – they make girls look like prostitutes

Fake Orgasms – tell the poor guy what he is doing wrong

Fake people – be yourself…..someone’s going to love you, its human nature!


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3 thoughts on “The Art of Faking It

  1. Ajleyyyy on said:

    Jesus Kel!! U hit the nail on the head in this post!! good writing babe keep it coming 🙂 xx

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