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The Likes of You

Future Music Festival – What an event. I must begin today’s blog with a few reprimands – sorry but when will you learn!

Unless you have smooth legs and are a size 10 or under DO NOT wear short shorts! The acres of cellulite I witnessed were not a good look. Seriously ladies in the morning do you not turn around and look at your ass? I am not bagging bigger girls, some of you dress better than the twiggy’s. It’s just a simple fact that you flaunt what you’ve got and hide what you have too much of. Generally girls that are fuller figured have great boobs so show them off! A capped sleeved loose dress which ends at the knee will show of your amazing cleavage – add a belt and show of a small waist and you will look so much better than the countless girls I saw wearing tight tops that accentuated their love handles paired with denim shorts that had a size 14 ass squeezed into size 8 shorts….NOT A GOOD LOOK!

Same issue with taking shirts off – this applies to both sexes.

Guys if you don’t have a great bod keep it covered, there are some really beautifully tailored shirts on the market which females appreciate much more than a hairy back and bigger man boobs than theirs.

Girls unless you have a flat tummy keep your singlet on! Wobbling guts as you jump up and down churn tummies not raise libidos.

Another huge ‘What tha’ from the day issued with the countless females covered in enough makeup to rival Katie Price. Leave the 3 inch foundation, smoky eye and thick lipstick for either the night or in some people’s case NEVER! I also saw enough prom-style curls to cure the use of regaine. Put the GHD down! You are out in the sun, dancing….why the hell do you look as if you are about to star in a porno.

Finally……TAKE OF THE GUMBOOTS. They are the worst look ever! Only Kate Moss looks good in them and I saw only one girl out of about 2000 wearing the retched things that actually pulled them off – and her legs equaled if not triumphed Kate’s.

For the rest of you who were there…you looked fantastic! I loved the costumes, the atmosphere and even the sweaty bodies. I saw some great shirts a fantastic bum and funnily enough some great hats which people were not willing to sell…anyway that’s another story in itself! Ha-ha
Hope you futuristic lovers, pingers and shufflers had fun and are fully recovered!

Until next time

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