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Morning people annoy me – yes it is because I am jealous – but that is beside the point. I like to get up as late as possible to get the most of my sleep and I have mastered the art of completing the full morning procedure in less than 20 minutes – and that’s office appropriate.

So what are my tips and tricks……

Sunday Afternoon – Put aside ½ Hour to choose 5 outfits for each day at work. Place each outfit (ironed already) over an individual hanger and place in order per day. This little trick can be done WHILST watching gossip girl and saves the agonizing 15 minutes per day it takes floundering over what to wear.

Each Night – Handbag changes are made per outfit so in dependence on which handbag you are going to use the next day – pack it the night before. This job can be made easier by placing all handbag essentials (compact mirror, Aquim hand sanitiser, Dr Lewwins hand cream, paw paw, Band-Aids, painkillers, tampons, tissues, eye drops and concealer) into a beauty bag so it can be easily transferred from one bag to the next. Coin purse, wallet, phone, diary, book and keys can be chucked in all at once.

Each night you should also prepare lunch for the next day, it doesn’t have to be difficult but it saves your wallet and your waistline in comparison to buying your lunch every day. I always keep avocado, hummus and vita wheat’s in the fridge at work and either have that for lunch or leftovers from the night before.

Have you shower the night before and straighten your hair once dry.

Morning time – Pressing snooze makes you more tired, so just get up. Bush your teeth, brush hair (nothing else needs to be done as it was done last night) wash your face and apply day cream. Let the cream absorb whilst you get dressed. Makeup should be kept quite simple and natural for the office so apply concealer to any blemishes, a dust of powder, blush and then EITHER eyeliner or lipstick. Add mascara and lip gloss, grab your bag and off you go! Drink your caffeinated beverage of choice whilst enjoy Today FM’s antics and then have breakfast at work.

Voila! I have saved you ½ hour per day at the minimum which enables you 2.5 hours more sleep per week.

Yes I know you love me!


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