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Boozy the Clown

The top ten common mistakes we all make when drinking and will continue to make as, at the time they seem like a good idea.

1) Forgetting to set our makeup – after having one too many ‘pre drinks ‘we forget a crucial element in getting ready to dance and drink the night away. Nothing is worse than going to the toilet at a club – looking in the mirror and realising your ‘Smokey eye ‘is halfway down your face due to some vigorous crumping which began the sweat parade. SET YOUR FACE! And hairspray does NOT work. Model Co has great face mists that sets makeup or use any translucent powder.

2) Drinking too much before we leave – yes the cocktails are fun but being refused to every club except Star Bar is not. “I shhhwweeaarrr ivvee onshly hads ONE drinks!”

3) Smoking – No matter how much we decide we feel like one, they still always taste like shit and they are bad bad bad!

4) Thinking that we are sexy when we press our cleavage together or wink at a bar tender – it does not make them serve us quicker.

5) Trying to get into the DJ booth – they will kick us out. Actually I think this is just something I do, not everyone! Note to self: DJ does not like drunken groupie falling on his turn table and messing up his CD’s all so she can simply request BONKERS.

6) Doing twenty shots – most men can’t handle that much alcohol so why do we think we can? The fact that certain establishments at the cross serve $3 shots should be bypassed!

7) Pie Face at 3am– It will be regretted in the morning.

8 ) Drawing out that extra $100 or putting a round on our credit card….WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYY! Looking at our bank account the next day and clunking our regretful heads on the table.

9) Taking our shoes off – ahhhh the biggest most common mistake. Glass will be found in our feet the next day and we all shake our heads in snooty disapproval when we (in sobriety) see those trashy girls walking down George Street at 2am heels in one hand who knows what in the other. Yet we all do it!

10) Skin – We are ALL guilty. 30 standard drinks, cigarettes and an entire pizza look bad enough on our face in the morning without 16 hour old makeup to boot! Get wipes and take it off!

Nevertheless in recognising our mistakes they will still be repeated all over Australia tonight and tomorrow ……I am no exception. The End.

Have a great weekend girls


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