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Ten Beauty Commandments

Perhaps these Ten Commandments are more suited to the 20th century woman? They also may be considered more important than the original ha-ha. One thing is certain; by following these Ten Commandments you will look ten times better.

1) Thou will drink two litres of water per day. The nutritional and cleansing properties of water are the best skin savers you can find. Hint: If you want a bit more flavour there are many things that can be added; lemon or lime wedges, cucumber slices, grated ginger etc

2) Thou will clean makeup brushes weekly to rid them of bacteria

3) Thou shall not sun bake. Skin cancer, fine lines, saggy skin, deep entrenched wrinkles and ugly sun spots are just some of the side effects. Tip: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen works wonders and has UVA and UVB protection

4) Thou shall never team a bold eye with bright lips

5) Thou shall have the correct foundation picked by a professional. There is nothing worse than ‘the jaw line’ effect

6) Thou will perform full body exfoliation and moisture twice a week

7) Thou shall moisturise face, neck and décolletage twice daily with super hydrating moisturisers

8 ) Thou shall keep a hydrating facial mist at work. Skin dries out in air-conditioning thus it needs to be replenished a few times a day. Hint: Trilogy, Botani, Kora and Avene all carry beautiful facial mists in their range which are made with natural ingredients

9) Thou shall attempt to have one day per week when no makeup is worn. Hard I know but your skin will be able to breathe which will create a healthier glow the next day

10) Thou shall be kind to thy skin. Your skin is your biggest organ and the one that everyone sees. Remember that good skin is way more fashionable that the latest Prada clutch, so take care of it!


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