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Smoke It

Ahhhh the smoky eye… brings forth a fresh wave of fashion and a f*** off attitude. It’s sexy, edgy and HOT!

I personally hate going to a beautician when learning how to apply a new look, they spend way too much time on it and use 30 different products – no one has the time or the money for that so here is my simple version of applying the smoky eye – and mine looks better than the beauticians anyway!

Mastering the art of the Smoky Eye

1 ) Start by applying individual lashes (can be found at any Priceline store) to the outer corner of your natural eye lashes

2 ) Line the top of your lashes with a liquid liner sweeping outwards to create a cat eye (Revlon liquid liner in black)

3 ) Fill in eyelid with an eye crème (I love Mac paint-pot in ‘blackgound’) using a soft edged small brush. Use your lined cat eye shape to guide you and bring the colour slightly above the eyelid

4 ) Use a powder eye-shadow to set the colour (Red Earth eye shadow in ‘coal’ is great) Press the colour gently onto the lid using a blunt brush

5 ) Smudge kohl eyeliner from the middle of the bottom lash line to the outer edge

6 ) Use a cream shadow and liner to highlight the inner edges of both eyes (this makes the eyes pop!) Apply cream colour to inner edge of the eye for only ½ cm and sweep the colour through the black over half the lid so that the colour gets darker the closer it gets to the outer corner of the eye.

7 ) Clean up the mess now inevitably under your eyes with wipes

8 ) Apply truckloads of mascara and you now have a smoky eye so sexy and sultry the bouncers will have to turn the A/C on.


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