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Beer Goggles

Last night my friend Georgia and I consumed a bottle of wine with dinner and soon after her beer goggles became firmly attached to her face. “You are so hot” she told me – I glared at her. My hair was in a wet crumpled mess, there was an eruption kindly called a zit on my chin and I was wearing my pajamas…sounds pretty yeah?

I then began to think about the term ‘beer goggles ‘and what they mean in today’s drinking society.
Too many times have I heard the excuse from males ‘she was hot in the club – I swear’, ‘must have been my beer goggles’. I saw you only have a few drinks, stop lying and admit it – you just wanted a root.

I do however think that in many cases beer goggles do exist. So many of my girlfriends have hooked up at a bar, then when they have met up with him the next day (or shamefully woken up with him the next day) cold-hard-sober reality kicks in and the cuddly pouch is actually 20kg overweight, the ‘receding hairline ‘is actually a massive bald spot and the slight age difference is actually your fathers friend.

Luckily my partner in crime for tonight, one of the greatest people in the world – Ashley and I both have boyfriends so our beer goggles will remain firmly on each other. This can be just as bad. Too many nights do I have way too much to drink WHILST I am getting ready (always a bad idea) – leave the house thinking I look damn hot – look at photos the next day and gasp in shock horror.

Ashley and I are headed for Kings Cross tonight – and as it always is with Ash – it will be a crazy night. I thought black might be appropriate as drinks are likely to be spilled. So a loose fitting silk dress found in Asia is on the cards and that will show of the legs well. Ghd curls + a whole lot of volume for the hair and some dark makeup used on the eyes is a safe but sexy option. (It’s hard to mess up – even after 8 cocktails)

My beautiful friend Leigh and I are having a civilized dinner and movie date night tomorrow; so for that occasion I will be wearing black tights with an oversized vintage fuchsia blouse. (Belted of course)

Tomorrow will no doubtedly find me with my head stuck down a toilet and Sunday I am working –AKA playing with makeup for 4 hours with Ash.

Weekend Tip –After 10 drinks rethink all your decisions; remember your beer goggles are now embedded to your face!

Hope you all have a great weekend, play hard and have fun!


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