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Ok it’s the weekend and you have been invited out at the last minute – no preparation time – what to do!!!!

Stress less as I am here to help!

Problem: Nothing to wear

Solution: EXCESS–ORISE oops sorry I meant accessorise! Pick out your most basic black dress and DRESS IT UP! Cinch in that gorgeous waist with a glitzy belt or a cute scarf. Try a different hairstyle and go so over the top with your makeup that everyone knows that the FACE is the outfit. Team with statement jewellery, great stockings or a flash pair of heels and no one will be the wiser – you’ll look like you have had this planned all week!

Problem: Massive pimple or a cold-sore

Solution: It’s not good for your skin BUT the best thing to do is to dry the fucker out. Press a cotton tip onto it covered with mentholated spirits or nail varnish. DO NOT SQUEEZE this will make it redder. If it is pus filled, prick with a sterilised pin a few time and then press gently against the edges. This should drain it of any excess fluid. Wipe area with a sanitiser to remove germs. Cover with a concealer before foundation then put another dab of concealer on when full face of makeup is complete.

Problem: Lilly White Legs

Instant tans; Sally Hansen – Airbrush Legs, Le TAN – Jet Set Tan, Tan-line – Instant Tan, Maybelline – Glowing Tan. Tip: DO NOT GET DRESSED AFTER INSTANT TANNING FOR AT LEAST ½ HOUR! THE COLOUR WILL RUB ON YOUR OUTFIT. Invest in a silk nightgown – can be bought form most lingerie stores, walk around in this whilst you are tanning, and doing hair and makeup.

Problem: Oily Hair

Solution: Wash it would be the obvious answer, but if you have no time then dry shampoo is the way to go. Klorane is the best there is. Spray on – brush through and voila! No more oil!

Problem: Bloated Belly

You wouldn’t have eaten hot chips with extra chicken salt for your Friday treat if you had known you were going out that night. Simple solution – Sucky-in-undies! Nearly nude has a great range to fit under any outfit and they are imperative to a female’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a size 6 or 16, everyone gets a bloated tummy – not a good look under a fitted outfit. Pull these puppies on and you will be a thin lizzie!

Any other emergency? Contact me and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer!

Have a lovely weekend girls


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