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Beauty costs the average woman a lot of time and A LOT of money.

If I was to have all of my beauty treatments done professionally it would cost on average per year;

$7800 – Facials (Weekly)
$2700 – Haircut/colour (Every 6 Weeks)
$2600 – Fake Tan (Weekly)
$2000 – Extensions (Every 6 months)
$1800 – Body Wrap/Scrub (Monthly)
$1449 – Eyelash Extensions (Monthly)
$1200 – Body Waxing (Monthly)
$855 – Colonic Irrigation (Every 6 Weeks)
$600 – Manicures (Monthly)
$210 – Eye-brow waxing (Monthly)

Total: $21,214.00 PER YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So why do we need these things done to uphold our beauty?

A weekly facial is beneficial for a glowing complexion. Facials help with all skin conditions and prevent future breakouts and blemishes. A weekly facial assists in slowing down the aging process and gets rid of all the impurities that build up during the week. Note; Daily scrubs/washes etc will only do so much.

Unless you are one of the few lucky people who is actually happy with their natural hair-colour, a haircut and colour ever 6 weeks is crucial to the maintenance of your looks. There is nothing worse than faded colours, split ends or a raccoon stripe of re-growth.

A fake tan isn’t necessary but in my opinion a golden glow makes MOST people look better.

Hair extensions add length and volume to hair and there is nothing sexier than a full head of luxurious hair! Extensions should be replaced every six months and a full head is usually about $1000.

A monthly body scrub and wrap is crucial for your skin. Similar to your weekly facial it cleans all the impurities and detoxifies the whole body.

Colonic Irrigation is icky but imperative to healthy skin, nails and hair. Our colon holds food inside us which mostly is expelled through poop. HOWEVER it has been proven that some is not expelled properly and gets stuck in our bowels or caught in crevices in the intestine. This creates a toxic build up which can make us sleepy, brittles our hair and makes our skin dull. A colonic irrigation treatment every 6 weeks is uncomfortable but your body and your skin will thank you for it (On the plus side you also lose up to three kilos per cleanse!)

Bad fingernails ruin a great outfit, fab hair and flawless makeup. Always maintain a polished appearance by having monthly manicures.

A decent set of brows set the frame of your whole face and spidery caterpillars or freaky worms are not a good look as passing of as eyebrows. WAX AND SHAPE THEM!

These beauty necessities can be reduced to being more cost and time effective by turning them DYI. That’s right DO IT YOURSELF! As with anything practice makes perfect so don’t give up after you bodge up your first attempt.

Weekly Facials – Buy good quality products. You need – daily crème cleanser, witch hazel, a micro-debrassion scrub, deep pore cleanser, cleansing mask, hydrating mask and a regenerative/revitalizing mask. Chat to a beauty therapist to learn about your skin and to confirm that you are using the correct products.

Cost – $1500 Good quality skin care products

Haircut/colour – Befriend a hairdresser and get them to teach you the art of colouring. I now purchase the different ingredients form hair salons and Priceline stores and mix the colours and apply myself.

Cost – $500 (approx) this includes toner, colours, tools and 4 haircuts.

Fake Tan – Easy: Exfoliate first, buy the correct colour for your skin tone and apply evenly. Tip: For streaks or blotchiness, mix bi-carb and lemon juice together and scrub the offending areas.

Cost – $360 Go St Tropez; its lasts ages and is divine!

Extensions – Buy good quality clip-ins. They are better for your hair, last adges and cost a fraction of the price.

Cost – $200 Sets can be ordered on the internet and with the proper care will last about one year.

Body Wrap/Scrub – By buying your own products and doing a good, thorough job, you should get the same results. Chat to a beauty therapist to learn about your skin first to confirm that you are using the correct products.

Cost – $250 A strong scrub should last two months and body moisturizers should be used daily.

Eyelash Extensions
– Learn how to glue individual lashes on your lashes. The beauticians actually use the same ones you buy at Priceline.

Cost – $150

Waxing – Learn how to do it, it’s easy and after a while relatively painless.

Cost – $120

Colonic Irrigation – One word; Dulcolax. Take 3 once every month and it definitely does the trick of ermmm cleansing! Tip: Make sure you take them before bed and don’t have anything planned the next morning…you will be on the toilet.

Cost – $6 Box of 48

Manicures – File, buff, polish and paint. It’s not hard. Do it while you’re watching TV.

Cost – $150 Includes 5 new colours by O.P.I, tools, remover etc

Eye-brow waxing – Buy the thin wax strips and shape your brows yourself! Pluck any remaining pesky hairs.

Cost – $32 A box of strips will last three months.

(Costs are yearly)

Total cost: $3268

Total annual savings: $17,946!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it, we all like to indulge occasionally and splurge on being treated professionally; but when it comes down to it $17,000 is one damn fine holiday.


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  1. Does anyone know of an easy way to get of cellulite? My legs are a mess and I need to do something quickly. I do not think I want surgery, but maybe there is an alternative cellulite removal treatment you could recommend?

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