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Okay its Easter…brace your yourself for the onslaught of a few extra few kilos, a big breakout of zits, and a bloated tum tum come Tuesday. On the plus side? A four day weekend with some of the greatest people on earth – your family and friends, hot-cross buns and yummy yummy chocolate that tastes so good it’s worth the added jiggle on your ass.

So some tips on surviving the four days with minimal damage –

• Up the H20– Increase your water intake by a litre per day and this should flush out some of the extra toxins.

• Walk it off – Go for a walk with your best friend or your Mum, it burns some of those added KJ’s while giving you the chance for a good quality D&M.

• Remember – White chocolate is the worst for you and dark is the best….PUT DOWN THE KINDER SURPRISE! OK you can have ONE I know I will!

• Up the ante – With your skin care regime. Don’t get lax with the cleansing, toning, scrubbing or moisturising or one of those post-chocolate binge pimples will weasel its way onto your face.

Going away and don’t know what clothing to pack?

• Bring loose, comfy clothing; oversized blouses, tights, harem pants and t-shirts. Bring a nice dress in case you go out with a set of heels.

And finally stuck for a gift idea?

• I personally would love to receive a live fluffy bunny or kitten for Easter (never going to happen) but it would be a great gift if you’re NICE!
• Bake the persons favourite cake/biscuits/slice etc and present it in a cute box with lots of tissue paper and ribbons.
• Fill a box/bag with the persons favourite treats (not just eggs)

So have a lovely long weekend and appreciate every moment!

Until next week


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