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One Foxy Lady

I admit – I have a MASSIVE girl crush………two words, 9 characters…………..Meagan Fox.

She has to be the hottest woman on earth – get rid of those feral tats and she may even be the most beautiful. And If I stop salivating long enough, I will actually get to my point.

Watching Transformers last night and staring at Meagan Fox in all her amazing glory I was once again tempted to finally do the deed.

Go brown.

A few of my friends have gone from blonde to brown and in my opinion they look so much better.

For some reason blondes can only ever be hot – we are too generic. Brunettes on the other hand are in a league of their own – the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love blondes and there are certain blonde females I do think are amazingly beautiful – and as a blonde I am well aware of the power that we hold entering a room in comparison to a brunette.

But watching Meagan Fox swing those luscious, long chocolate locks seriously made me reconsider the whole blonde thing – it’s so tired.

So I guess the question is…….

To Brown or Not to Brown?

Let me know


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