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Despite All Odds

Surprisingly – I feel great today! The kilos of chocolate, hot cross buns, cheese and dips have not left me looking and feeling like a lumpy cushion.

I suppose it was an active weekend – lots of swimming in the ocean, hiking and I was drinking an absolute shite-load of water. Still – I am surprised that my skin is the best it’s been in weeks, smooth and blemish free, and could it be… I feel slimmer?

After being at work since 7am this morning and a vigorous Personal Training session in my lunch break – I sure as hell am aware that the mini break –AKA long weekend is over. But guess what? I type this with GLEE!!! Seriously I had no idea how boring sitting on my ass could be…having not much planned I was literally twiddling my thumbs before getting that board I was arguing over cross-word clues with my grandma.

I did get to bust out my full piece leopard swimsuit which excited me, teamed with bright red nail polish and oversized ray bans, I felt I was channeling Bridget Bardot whilst sinking my toes into the warm sand.

An oversized knit over tights got an A+ in the comfort department when having coffee with my dear friend Karen. However; I was appalled as we went browsing through the shops in Forster – at the limits the women from my home town are faced with when it comes to fashion. Unless of course they are happy in a bright yellow pair of Rip Curl board-shorts. (Unlikely)

This was my primary observation this weekend. One day – hopefully there will be a market for a larger range of clothes – actually the women from small towns need to demand the market. Why? Just because people are living in a small town doesn’t mean you should have small fashion options.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.


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