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I recently read that an ‘expert’ proclaimed that night care creams are the industry’s biggest con into getting people to spend un-needed dollars. She claims that night creams do nothing but clog the skins pores and are a complete waste of time and money……well she has no idea what she is talking about and should be shot….ok bit too drastic….how about put into a jar. She’s clearly trying to sabotage women – as by not treating your skin overnight you will end u looking like this –

Yeah not a good look.

We all hear constantly how plenty of beauty sleep will enhance our energy, and allow for our body to regenerate. But what about the benefits it gives our skin? The skin problems everyone faces and how they can be treated? On average you should be having 8 hours of sleep per night – that’s 8 hours of uninterrupted skin treatment with no detrimental factors such as environmental hazards, makeup etc.
Whilst our body is rejuvenating our skin is also and by helping it along by taking the time to treat the face whilst you are sedated you are more likely to look like this –

Much better yes?

A ‘kin Rosehip Oil – You are all well aware by now that I am obsessed with this amazing god send. As a sufferer of dry and sensitive skin, this magical potion brings my skin back to life over night.

Ego Elucent – If you have oily skin which is prone to break-outs this is a night cream which will zap away the nasties and dry out your oil problem. Skin feels a bit odd after a layer has been applied – sort of tingly – THIS IS NORMAL, it means it is working.

Dr Lewinn’s Skin Refining Cream – Fine lines start appearing in your twenties. Have a look in the mirror – CLOSELY – few lines on your forehead? Or around your eyes? The trick is to buy something with a strong collagen base to it. Test this by applying cream to your palm and dabbing your finger in it – if the cream stays attached as you pull away BUY NOW! Your onto a winner. This cream by Dr Lewinn’s is amazing and worth the dollars.

Benzac – Got a nasty pimple? Get the little shit by placing a dollop of this on it before you go to sleep. In the morning voila! The shit is now a sweet little thing that looks more like a freckle. Tip -Be careful not to apply it anywhere but the pimple as it dries out the skin. It is available in 2.5%, 5% and 10% strength – start by using the 2.5% strength and work out how much strength the little bugger needs to remove itself from your face. NOTE – IT BLEACHES!!!!! Do NOT wear Peter Alexander Pajamas or your boyfriends good shirt (guilty) to bed while having Benzac on your face – anything it touches will bleach!!!

John Plunkett Super-fade Cream – Pigmentation. Don’t think you have it? Think again – the majority of us do – the pill and our love for the sun is increasing the amount of pigmentation on the average woman’s face. Go to a beauty therapist and have them take a look under the blue light. Apply this cream directly to the spots and it will fade over a few weeks.

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition – Tired, dull skin with an uneven skin tone? The main ingredient of this amazing product is Pitera; which is derived from a unique yeast fermentation. (Sounds gross I know) Pitera is a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime resting time (sleep), enhancing the renewal of the skin’s outer layer. This product hydrates and exfoliates the skin to help reveal an even skin tone and colour.

So there you have it…..use your beauty sleep wisely!!!


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