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The Dynasty That Is Wang

As cliché as it seems the truth is that the majority of females really do plan their wedding day from the moment they first see their parents wedding photos and are presented with wonderful tales of princesses who get married and live happily ever after.

As it appears that it is still the average woman’s main pursuit in life – we still see marriage as the key to ‘happily ever after ‘; after being subjected to the ideas constantly consumed about marriage as a child.

Despite their upbringing, race, religion or demographic point in society; all little girls are taught that one day they will get married.

There are so many points that I am dying to argue in terms of feminism, individuality and independence; but I think I will save that rant for another day and leave today’s piece to discuss the positive connotations that this proposed notion provides PLUS the magic and beauty that is involved in marriage.

Family and friends are the most important thing in life…….yes? Given that this point is correct – wouldn’t it be safe to say that by our mothers encouragement as a child, the quest to get married is simply so that a woman can begin her own family and have a life partner in which love can be given and received on a daily basis. What is so wrong with that?

People assume that marriage means added responsibility, that the couple in question will immediately have children thus forgoing the woman’s career.

I do not see this at all – I see marriage as a beautiful tradition that is a promise of commitment – sort of like a tattoo really. (The commitment part not the beautiful!)

SLOW DOWN! Getting married is a commitment, there really isn’t much between a de’facto relationship and a marriage- you can still travel, have separate friends etc AND THEIR IS NO WAY IN HELL that getting married means that you have to have babies right away. My parents waited 6 years to have a baby after they tied the knot (and even then I was a mistake) ha-ha

Yes there is the notion that marriage has lost its credibility and the divorce rates are increasing blah blah blah I couldn’t care less – as a true romantic i think that weddings and everything about them are beautiful and I will post my thoughts on divorce at another point in time.

Today I want to focus on the superficial nature of a marriage itself, the thing that makes women nicknamed ‘bridezilla’- the wedding.

As soon as a woman says yes – after being presented with a 3 carat diamond of course – thoughts of the woman who she will be turning to for every piece of wedding related advice start creeping into her mind. No it’s not the maid of honour who is usually determined long before the groom in question has even arrived in the picture – it is the female that has created an empire which dominates the world of white – two words – three syllables;

Vera Wang

Ahhh the dress – the focus of everyone’s apprehension and then attention.

Vera Wand has enabled women all over the world to be a true princess on their special day in a dress so special it will be remembered forever.

These are my favourites –

Enjoy looking at these beautiful creations, and don’t feel silly thinking about your wedding.

Every girl does it –


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