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The Golden Mile

Updates on faceboook and Twitter were at a peaking point for a Sunday yesterday in eager anticipation for the premier of Nines ‘Underbelly – The Golden Mile.

This season will be in particular popularity across NSW with the majority of the population having being exposed to the Golden Mile aka Kings Cross at some point in their life.

Spending the majority of my clubbing nights dancing up a storm at clubs along the Golden Mile, it was an eye opener to the seedier side of it (aside from the usual hookers and drunken 18 year old girls passed out in the gutter).

Beginning the episode with an opening shot of the famous Coke sign which symbolises the entrance – gave the audience an instant familiarity with the infamous notorious ‘Cross’.

The show is primarily focused on John Ibrahim– the owner of a large percentage of clubs along the red light strip; from seedy places like Bada Bing to the more exclusive piano room –and who is said to be losing control of the Cross to some of Sydney’s most dangerous bikie gangs.

Underbelly is popular because it exposes – it exposes things that have been kept on the down low for far too long. And I really wasn’t surprised at the involvement of the Kings Cross police in all things dodgy on the show, reality depiction? Yes I think so.

I still remember two years ago; my journalism teacher was a veteran from Fairfax, after being blackmailed and without substantial proof she was unable to print a piece on the law enforces of Kings Cross – details of which would make our skin crawl.

Will the cross lose its appeal? Is it soon to become too dangerous for the average person? Even with John Ibrahim being the primary controller, how safe are we really when we venture out east from the CBD. He has never been convicted of crimes, but for a man controlling Kings Cross – as if he’s not involved in drugs and shit. Jesus the majority of people I know who go to the cross are high of their kite on pills and coke. As if the owner of the clubs isn’t involved.

Time will tell – is the future of the cross reserved for the scum of society or will it prevail as one of Sydney’s hottest Saturday nightspots?


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