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Heeling It Higher

I saw a skinny little Asian girl wobbling about on a pair of heels yesterday and it irritated me in a major way.

Why do girls continue to wear things that they can’t.

Wobbling ankles and a walk a turtle could master is not a good look – it’s simple – don’t wear heels if you can’t walk properly in them.


• Before you buy ANY heels do a strong ‘catwalk’ inspired strut and ask yourself; “Do I own these shoes, or do they own me”?

• Check the material and make sure that the upper material is not a cheap synthetic – they won’t stretch out if this is the case and they will rub you in ways that should be kept for the torturing fields of Iraq.

• Use your hands to rub the material; try to bend and shape the heel section. If it is a good pair it should mould to your touch yet spring back to its original condition.

• Buy ‘party feet’ with your purchase (spongy inserts) – they are a god send. In some pairs I have a pair under my heels, the balls of my feet and lining the straps!!!

When Women don’t ‘own’ their heels –


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