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Wallowing on a Wednesday

Mid Week Meltdown

I don’t know what Wednesday are like for you but for me they hurt…they actually physically hurt due to my personal training session being on a Tuesday……do not understand how week after week she still manages to find new muscles to make ache. Anyway…………….!

Here are a few tips to help pick up your spirit to tie you over till Friday, cause let’s face it if your feeling low on a Friday…the best day ever (the weekend is here) then you should probably consider a subscription to Prozac.

An oldie but a goodie – caffeine works wonders

A mini-home spa – lifts your spirits as you will look so amazing afterwards (who cannot smile while looking in the mirror and thinking “oh hell yeah”!)

Google – If you type in ‘Manual Uribe Dancing’ you will be laughing for hours on end

Dinner with a girlfriend – nothing can lift your spirits like a good giggling, gossip session over amazing food

Planning the weekend – anticipation makes time go faster

So keep these in mind if your clock watching – and just think only two sleeps till Friday!


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