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Life Is Short. Have An Affair.

The global adultery site Ashley Madison is set to launch in Australia after the test site proved to be extremely successful with over 40,000 Australians signing up.

Sydney based creative agency Frontier is set to launch with TV, radio, outdoor and print advertising as part of the campaign – “Take a Vacation from your Spouse”.

Listening to interviews with the founder of Noel Biderman; I did appreciate his point. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of a niche in the market by opening a website that encourages adultery?


My argument is – what’s next?

Adultery is one of the worst things you can do to another person emotionally and the fact that people do it to people they supposedly ‘love’ astounds me; therefore encouraging it by presenting cheating fuckwits with a platform in which they can explore adultery makes me sick.

So what’s next?

There’s no website on drug taking/smuggling/ trafficking?

Maybe I should start a website on drugs. People can meet other people whom they can buy drugs off and tips can be given as to the best ways to smuggle them into festivals!!!! Maybe I could even have a section that allows blokes to exchange ideas on ways to spike girls drinks –

After all, if having a quick root with someone’s husband is now ok why shouldn’t drug taking?

And on that note I could take it further and ask if 20 years down the line they have a website for the Ted Bundies of the world. That would be cool – if all the serial killers could post anonymous tips on a site talking about how they raped and tortured different women.

You may think I am being dramatic and extreme but I am not – 20 years ago adultery was a taboo act that did occur but certainly wasn’t exploited or encouraged.

People need to realise when they are crossing the line from business decisions to becoming morally corrupt – after all without morals what would the world come to?


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