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The Hangover

They Joys of Drinking – Until the next day.

You know how it works; you wake up and think ‘wow I am actually feeling pretty damn fine’! Then you sit up. Stomach churns, head throbs like a jackhammer and black spots dance in front of your eyes as you shakily make your way to the bathroom.

Add to that the horror of looking in the mirror and realising you have aged 10 years, the belly that looks as if you are 4 months along and the fact that your mouth feels and tastes like the bottom of a birdcage.

Why do we continue to do this to ourselves?

One morning I couldn’t actually stand up I was that hung-over and vowed ‘I would never drink again’ in fact if that was a chastity vow I would be a massive slut given the amount of times I have made it.

It always lasts – till the next weekend.

It cracks me up the way people are portrayed in movies – the females wake up wincing their beautiful faces and expect us to believe that they are depicting a massive hangover? If I looked like that after consuming my body weight in vodka I would be applying for a record. I don’t care how hot you are – alcohol makes us UGLY!

I am already dreading the onslaught of hangover-ness that is sure to hit me at some point over the next four days. Will that deter me from having an awesome time doing countless shots and drinking endless glasses of champagne? Nope.

Considering I will be drinking Saturday night and all day sun and mon – this will be a big weekend even by my standards.

So how do I combat a hangover and how can you?

The five rules to combating the typical hangover with a karate chop are –

1. Forgo healthy eating and exercise – Health experts say ‘an orange juice and a walk are the best things you can do’………………….FUCK THAT! The best thing for a hangover is a massive frozen coke – the sugar works wonders!

2. Doing anything – Nuh Uh – Lie on the lounge floor all day watching box sets accompanied by carb laden foods and your coke.

3. Cold Shower – If you do have to venture outside a rude awakening to your confuddled brain is a cold shower.

4. Rehydrate – Your body and your skin; all of your organs. UP the intake of water by an extra litre per day. Place a hydrating mask on your face and LEAVE ON for an hour. The greatest hydrating mask is the Natio Hydrating Mask which can be bought for less than $20. Moisture the entire body with a nourishing oil after your shower and your skin will plump itself back up


Have a great weekend girls


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