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Yes my dears I am talking about the only bubbles that count …….. mmmmmm champagne bubbles.

After consuming roughly 10 bottles of the stuff over the weekend; ranging from Jacobs Creek to Moet and Veuve Clicquot; I became aware of the joy that these simple little bubbles bring.

No – not just because they make you extra giggly but because they add to celebrations in ways that rival the guests themselves. Champagne fills people with magical bubbles which make us so happy we could be lifted up like Charlie from Willy Wonka.

You would think that after the amount of bubbles I consumed I would be feeling slightly if not completely dusty – nope! I feel chirpy and bright and actually just cut 3 mins of my personal training time trial! Woohoo for me! In comparison after the same amount of Vodka I am out of condition in many ways for at LEAST 3 days.

The weekend started off in my favourite way possible – shopping (by myself – I find it much more productive) I blew a lot of my hard eared cash on some:

thigh-high black flat boots
• Short lace-up boots with a 12cm heel
• Black fitted blazer
• Cream razor back flowy dress
• Black fitted dress with little shoulder puffs
• Striped shirt with shoulder puffs
• New 3GS IPhone
• Europe book

And that’s it I think……………..anyway I was very happy with my purchases!!

Saturday night was a small family gathering in the suburb of Cronulla at a divine place called ‘Little Italy’ (AMAZING VEGETARIAN CANELLONI). I was wearing my favourite black pilgrim dress teamed with black tights and black pumps. I had a MASSIVE quiff with straightened long hair teamed with a nude, tanned skin and a fierce smoky eye. As I sipped on Moet with some of my favourite people – who I happen to be related to – my cheeks were aching from laughing so hard.

Sunday involved many different types of champers as we looked over Cronulla beach and celebrated my dear Aunty Judy’s 50th birthday. Amazing day with amazing company. People kept telling me all day that I looked like the chic from ‘I dream of genie’ cause I had a long/high ABBA style ponytail rocking. (I kept doing the YMCA for people until I stupidly realised that ABBA didn’t sing that song ………………..whoops! I wore my new cream dress with a crochet bolero over the top belted. I matched my shoes to the brown belt and was very uncomfortable in my incredibly high Jesus style heels. A winged eye completed the look and I had a beautiful time and hope my beautiful aunty (who looked banging in an animal print dress teamed with a new short cropped haircut) did to.

Monday was the highly anticipated graduation and I had a major blonde moment and forgot about the hat that we wore. So I had a pretty headband and very high – very huge bun going which the kind ladies found difficult to cover with the grad hats. My new black dress looked perfect teamed with false lashes and a bright red lip – I was quite annoyed however to see another girl half the size of me wearing something similar….bitch…ha-ha but dear Georgia told me that I was rocking the dress much better so I was happy. After I donned the gown it became a very hot few hours which flashed by extremely quickly. Last night consisted of sipping MANY glasses of champagne (including a very strong bottle of Veuve Clicquot) with my beautiful girls, while reminiscing about our uni days. After perhaps one too many glasses our night was stumped when we became lost for words when ONE OF US admitted that she wanted to have steamy sex with Jonah Hill

Yeah still lost for words


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