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Take Me to St Tropez

I am sure you are all aware by now – I am in love with the entire range of fake tan products by St Tropez – in particular the lotion!

I am a HUGE fan of the tan

Faux of course – I do NOT want to look like a leather handbag when I am 40.

St Tropez gives the most beautiful natural looking tan EVER. A real creamy, glowing colour.

The only problem with St Tropez is that – like all fake tans- it can be stuffed up in major ways. Patchiness, Orange streaks, and a similarity to a tandori chicken are just some of the problems which can arise.

The five tips for a failsafe fake tan are;

1. Shave/Wax and exfoliate in the shower – this removes dead skin cells and unwanted hair which can cause streaks and/or patches.

2. Use body oil all over the body and then wash off – This provides a protective barrier which sinks into the pores which are opened through exfoliation; without the moisture the tan can seep into the pores creating a brown spotty appearance.

3. Towel dry body and then air dry – wet or damp skin causes the tan to develop deeper in some sections. MAKE SURE YOUR BODY IS COMPLETELY DRY.

4. Apply evenly all over the body (the new St Tropez solution smells way better than the last) using the spray, mouse or lotion.

5. I fake tan when no one else is home so I can complete the most important part of a fake tan ritual in privacy – letting it dry. I walk around naked for 20 minutes after tanning so that is can air dry completely. Hint – Make sure you close the blinds!!

So there you have it by following these tips you should have a beautiful, golden tan which will compliment a great outfit!


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