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Autumn Is Here

Autumn is well and truly here with the arrival of brisk mornings and a night time chill.

Along with orange leaves and darker afternoons comes the traditional seasonal flu which spreads quicker than celebrity gossip.

On top of feeling like shit for several weeks due to this wretched flu we are also faced with an abundance of other issues;

• The hate and anger in the mornings when the alarm goes off and we are to warm and comfortable to get up

• Getting fatter due to the added amount of cravings for a hot cheesy cannelloni over a salad for dinner

• Sadly packing away our bikinis and trying to find storage spots for the many similar pairs of denim shorts that ‘we just had to have’

• Having frozen toes as we still attempt to wear our Havaianas to work

• The end of crammed weekends full of summery inspired parties

And the most annoying of all and the one that I will try to help you with;

• The fact that it’s hard to know what the weather is going to be like and what to wear on a day to day basis – especially as the temperature seems to fluctuate by over 10 degrees per day ATM grrrrrrrrrrrr

There are ten items that are essential for your wardrobe to tie you over to winter and hopefully you will already have some of them so you don’t need to go out and buy them all!

1 ) Thin cotton long sleeved shirts – chain stores are currently filled with them and you can get some great prints with detailed shoulders which I am in LOVE with. Wear with a skirt and stockings or pants. Hint: If it does have a detailed shoulder make sure the skirt/pants are quite simplistic in the design otherwise you will likely look fatter and your outfit will be far to ‘busy’.

2 ) Over-sized man style shirts – Ralph Lauren has great styles in this particular piece. Either wear it loose or belted over a fitted high waisted skirt. For a cute take on the style roll the sleeves up and fasten with over-sized gold cuff links. Hint: NOT THE HORRIBLE ‘FLANNOS’. They look revolting and girls that wear them look like they were born in a trailer park – leave the flannel for dear old dad.

3 ) Long Socks – Put a twist on the traditional tights or stockings with a fierce pair of long socks. Team with a printed summer dress or a pencil skirt and cute top. Hint: NEVER wear with thongs or sandals they MUST be worn with heels or an enclosed shoe. Also do not wear if you have big legs – they will emphasis the size of your thighs.

4 ) Cardigans – the best are those in comfortable fabrics that allow you to toss in your handbag without worrying that they will get scrunched. I am currently loving fitted cardigans with detailed shoulders and my signature grandpa style cardi’s – UBER comfy!!

5 ) Scarf’s – Throw around your neck and they add a stylish element to a boring outfit whilst keeping your little neck warm. Buy in as many different prints, fabrics and designs as you like – scarfs will be fashionable forever – why else would I own 43?

6 ) Classic tights and stockings – always in style. Wear under your dresses, skirts and even shorts to create a trendy and polished look while keeping your legs warm.

7 ) Loafers – So cute right now yet also so warm! These are a passing trend so I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on a pair. They look great under pants, but you need to know you can pull them off to be able to.

8 ) Man Style shoes – with an edge. Yes yes I love men’s fashion…… as long as it has a girly edge!!! Again these look great under business pants or with long socks. Hint: Thick ankles need not apply – sorry but they are very unflattering on ‘kankles’.

9 ) Ankle boots – unless its freezinggggggg do not wear anything above an ankle length boot in autumn otherwise you just scream ‘I only have a summer/winter wardrobe’ – boots are for cold wintery days not autumn. Ankle boots look great with skirts, dresses and with pants slightly tucked into them. They can be bought from most shoe stores and can be worn in a variety of heel sizes, designs and colours. I would advise to stick with black but have some fun with the design. I just bought an amazing pair with buckles and laces!! LOVE THEM!

10 ) Long Sleeved dresses – classy, chic and forever stylish; a long sleeved dress can be worn alone if detailed but I recommend a simple black design. One of my favourite autumn looks is a long sleeved black dress with tights and biker ankle boots with a long strand of pearls. Mixes street edge with ladylike glam perfectly and is always failsafe!!!

Hope this helps until the weather decides to either turn totally Caribbean or sink back into the normal cold state that it should be getting to at this point in the year!

As a side not – Check out the fashion show for Marc Jacobs autumn collection – AMAZING!


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