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Edward V.S Jacob – Who Would you Choose?

I re-watched New Moon – don’t ask me why because it’s the shittest movie ever – laughable really. The best thing about the whole film is Taylor’s body and the hilarity of Kirsten’s acting.

The book on the other hand was much better and I have read it in excess of 5 times – sad life I know.

When the film was released it sparked the great debate – ‘Team Jacob’ or ‘Team Edward’ (because there is nothing more important in the world to debate over you see) and as the third instalment of the saga is soon to be cinematically released it is sure to spark up again.

I love debating with people and I like to be right – but it’s the conversations I enjoy the most. I debate over anything from political unrest in Iraq to how to defeat the second level of Angry Birds via iphone. A particular debate that seems to come up in many of my different circles is that over the two relationships in the twilight saga and whom they would choose.

Edward and Bella have this passionate, cant-live-without-you love affair that completely consumes their lives, alienating them from pretty much everyone else. Yeah sure it seems very passionate and romantic – and our boyfriends are well aware that we want them to worship us the way Edward does Bella.


Have you ever noticed the fact that they seem to have little to no conversation apart from “I can’t live without you” and “I love you” – JESUS calm down and cut the dramatics. They never seem to have conversations about anyone else thus do they care about any of their friends or family? They have no similar interests in books, movies, games or hobbies – they actually seem very boring – the only thing they have in common or that’s slightly interesting about them is the fact that they are in ‘irrevocable love”.


Jacob on the other hand is her best friend and I know everything fits neatly together in the forth book – but taking all that aside and just looking at the relationships – I would choose the one with Jacob any day.

I would much prefer to spend my life laughing with my best friend that discussing how much I loved someone.

I guess the truly lucky people are those who spend their life with one person with whom they are madly and passionately in love with but whom they also consider their very best friend.

Which is why I count myself blessed each and every day.

Have a great weekend everyone


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