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Grinning like the Cheshier Cat

The best thing about a good weekend is when you’re still smiling on a Monday morning – and I have a grin the chestier cat couldn’t rival.

Friday night was spent laughing at salad fingers with my second family the Seddon’s and oh what fun we had. If you have not heard of salad fingers you must – as it is hilarious!!! (People without a sick sense of humour need not apply)

Saturday was spent purchasing a GORGEOUS dress from Glebe, with a scooped back and décolletage it added a little something to the relatively plain black design and the elbow length sleeves allowed me to be comfortable in the chilly brisk air Saturday night.

Ahhhhhh Saturday night – so many tales; some V V blurry! And after about 6 vodka/passionfruit shots, 10 glasses of Champaign, 8 vodka oranges, 2 grape gins, half a beef kebab and less than 4 hours sleep it wasn’t surprising that Veronicas face was spinning before my eyes yesterday as I sat in an odd yoga pose desperately trying not to hurl my guts in her beautiful apartment as we planned the wedding of the year.

Saturday night started of relatively tame with my partner in crime Ash and I getting ready – drinks in tow. I wore my new dress teamed with HUGE hair. Big Serena style curls with a quiff and a massive amount of height and volume – LOVED IT.

10 steps to get BIG hair;

1 ) Sleep in two damp braids the night before, slightly spritzed in hairspray. It will give you a great base of volume and curl to work with the following night.
2 ) Curl added clip-in extensions to be placed strategically in hair to add length and volume.
3 ) Set hair in LARGE hot rollers.
4 ) When the rollers are out use GHD to add texture and different sized curls (also the braids form the night before will give certain sections a crimped effect).
5 ) Add volumising texture spray.
6 ) Turn head upside down and use fingers to comb the texturising spray throughout while fluffing and scrunching the hair.
7 ) Use a fine comb to tease the fringe and pin back in a large quiff.
8 ) Hide the extensions throughout the hair making sure the clips are not visible.
9 ) Use GHD to curl different sections of real hair and fake hair to combine.
10) Spray whole head with hair spray (a flexible one) and voila!

It was my Mitchy’ s 20th birthday at the white horse on Crown –

The Pros; Cheap drinks, free entry and good music.
The Cons; Fair hike from oxford and central. (Not that I worried about that with my dear little sister taxing us in)!

Soon thereafter, a group of us headed to the Cross where I actually went somewhere different for a change – Goldfish – which was a really really nice club!

The Pros; Perfect mix of people, great drinks, places to sit and a good DJ for shuffling (Not) around on the dance floor.
The Cons; Unisex toilets………………..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Many hours of countless drinks and dancing ensued; and I have no idea what our conversations were about but it must have been funny due to my cheeks aching yesterday morning from laughing so hard.

The night was almost spoiled by a crazy Indian taxi man chasing us and a car trying to abduct us on the way home – no I am not kidding – but the foggy memory of me protecting Ash by brandishing my heels makes me laugh. TIP – If you have a dodgy taxi man write down the car number! V important.

Anyway my hands are still shaking from a revolting hangover – hope you all had a great weekend as well.


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2 thoughts on “Grinning like the Cheshier Cat

  1. Regina Phalange on said:

    i have a mention feeling very special

  2. Christine on said:

    Hey we got a mention from the daughter and sister we never had !! ha ha

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