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Oil me UP

No I am NOT going to rant about how amazing Rosehip oil is yet again (even though it is)!

I have a new oily love – and it’s Moroccan.

Having heard and read all about the ‘magical properties’ and ‘amazing results’ I was willing to try and buy; however I never got around to it – until the other night.

My bestie having a boyfriend – whose mother owns a hair salon –comes with benefits (discounted GHD’s and extensions to name a few) and a cupboard full of the best hair products a girl could wish for is one benefit Ash enjoys extensively.

So – the other night I had washed my hair and was then scouring though her cupboard when wow and behold I found the elusive product – The Moroccan Oil.

Gently rubbing a small amount into my damp hair I was overcome with a beautiful scent that was that delicious I could have literally lapped it up (but at $50 a bottle that would have been an expensive drink).

It felt like I was running silk through my fingers and as my hair dried (naturally) I was in awe of how soft and silky my hair was AFTER ONLY ONE APPLICATION.

In conclusion – Moroccan Oil is now at the top of my wish-list and will be finding its way into my cavernous beauty room ASAP!

I highly recommend you all get some to!


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3 thoughts on “Oil me UP

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