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Carrie Bradshaw is a PRUDE

The only females I have ever met who do NOT live and breathe Sex and the City are religious zealots who disapprove of the ‘sinful nature of the content’. Blah

But the majority of females I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years, can immediately bond over their fellow comradely of enjoying SATC and having many a fight over ‘whose who’ and inevitably everyone highly protesting as being labelled as ‘the Miranda’ in the group.

Carrie has always been on everyone’s wish list in terms of labelling; Charlottes a bit too much of a goody goody, Samantha’s a bit to slutty and Miranda is the boring one with quite possibly the worst wardrobe in the world.

But when it’s actually thought about – Carrie is a MASSIVE prude.

Here is why:

• She refuses to get into too much discussion about the personal details of her sex life – puuulllleeasseee, me and my girlfriends give sexual details that would burn our boyfriends ears off, yes boys we do know exactly how big your penis is, what you do like and don’t like, weather you are generous in ‘giving’ and yep we do indeed compare you to our friends boyfriends so shape up!

• She gets shocked if she sees her friends naked – JESUS!! If I got a dollar for every time one of my friends had seen me naked or likewise I would be the richest woman on earth!!!

• She balks at tales of interesting positions or sexual deviancy, and she is the only star who is constantly filmed having sex in the missionary position – basically she would be a massive dud in the sack.

All this aside; I am still a massive fan of all things Carrie and not unlike every other SATC fan (so 98% of the female population) I am extremely excited for the release of the second instalment of SATC ‘The Movie’. I plan to make quite a gold glass night of the event – sad as that may make me seem.

The surprising thing is – like with many things I bloomed late in life with my SATC obsession, when I lived on campus a girlfriend couldn’t BELIEVE I had never watched it – I knew my mum loved it but had never been interested (or allowed) to watch it . I borrowed my friend’s entire six season box set and sat down – I emerged five days later a crazed expression on my face having just experienced one of life’s greatest pleasures for the first time. And that was it – I officially jumped on the SATC bandwagon and have never looked back.

I guess I got ‘carried away’.


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