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Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – Day Three & Four



Some cute dresses and super-wide leg pants, very pretty but not very original. Lots of pale leathers, embellished dresses and (short) jagged hemlines. (Tuesday Night)

Therese Rawsthorne

Lots of leather and some GORGEOUS nude blouses. Loved the frilly little dresses looked VERY fun.

Kate Sylvester

Did neutral to its best from tan leather to beautiful soft greens. Loved the pretty knee length skirts, put an edge on your traditional bohemian style summer skirt – and I would totally wear these in winter!

Alice McCall

Lots of knits and embroidery, deep nudes and tailored designs. Bit boring – there was nothing outstanding – no ‘must haves’ of the season.

Manning Cartell

The best tailored suit for women I have seen in years, loved the peruse of interesting fabrics that jived up a tradition design. The fit is amazing.

Bianca Spender

Loved the designs that added a view of the décolletage which differed from a traditional scoop. Beautiful dresses in simple tones with splashes of colour in loose fitting shirts. LOVE THE MUSTARD.


Before I even had a look at the clothes I was impressed with the hair – I love a good quiff or bouffant. And these were some damn good quiffs. Love the tailoring used in the collection and a special favourite of mine was this ‘little black dress’

Humility Couture


Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous wrap skirts and loose blouses – perfect combo and the heels on the models? Divine!!!!

Nana Judy

The sequined tank tops and stonewashed fabrics actually worked really well creating an interesting look which I didn’t mind!


Hmmmmm not a big fan rapper pants with a tailored waistcoat. Eminem meets Hugh Jackman? I don’t think so – keep them separate please.


Love STRIPES, they add interest to the plainest design or outfit.

Phos Phoro

Collection was very sheer and had many stripes, spots, cut outs, checks and cowl necks. LOVE THE TEXTURES! Very interesting, highlight was a red peplum suit, weird but very futuristic.

Jayson Brunsdon

Very classic very feminine very pretty he does it to its best LOVE IT. The collection seems to be influenced from the 50’s which was the height of feminine fashion! Full skirts and floor skimming dresses in slim tailors looked the height of luxurious society. Ladylike blouses and a pale palette for the tone of the show left the audience leaning towards the stage in a need for more.

Anna & Boy

Possibly the sweetest collection of designs I have EVER seen, loved the pale peachy colours and the too-cute creations.

Karla Spetic

Very Australian inspired, with a country looking collection. Pale colours in comfortable tailored designs, very fitting for the hot weather that is sure to grace us in summer.

Konstantina Mittas

Oversized ruffles and silver mesh? Weird combo but on this catwalk it totally works. LOVE the oversized accessories.

Romance Was Born

Easily the best entertainment; the designs mixed with an outstanding show and its no wonder Romance is Australia hottest designer. In average life I would never wear any of their collection however only a complete fashion retard would fail to acknowledge beauty in the intricacy, detail, colour and texture of the entire collection. Leopard prints look tame in comparison to the gold spikes, lizard frills, leather fins, huge tassels and colours ranging from stark white to bright neon. AMAZING, it won’t be long before this fashion due are making their mark on the wider spread fashion world.

Dion Lee

Loved much more than last year’s collection, I was not a huge fan of the cut outs and paneling, even though it pretty much created the bases for all of the chain stores style this past year! The 2010 collection had a softened edge on his structured designs which allowed them to appear more wearable and feminine.

Kirrily Johnston

This designer created the term tribal, her entire collection is based around tribal influences and she does it better than anyone else. Lots of knits and layering which I LOVED!

Ae’ lkemi

My favourite races wear so far- I LOVE. THE COLOUR….. THE PRINTS. My love is now on par between this and Alex Perry’s collection – however Ae’ lkemi wins in the creativity department hands down. Draping, ruffles and lots gathered detail. Feather and crystal embellishments which were beautiful!! A lot of white and sheer sleeves with a mix of inky colours and black sequins.

This is my favourite design; I think it is beyond fantastic.

Christopher Dobosz

Nice tailoring with a few panels and scrunched embellishments – perfect office appropriate wear.

Elliot Ward-Fear

HATED the shoes used in the collection – so hideous I could throw up on the, LOVE LOVE LOVED these pants – want them so bad I would actually wear the shoes to get them! Had beautiful tailored jackets with funky detailed embellishments.


Mmmmm how I love lace embellishments and many many buttons – they are just so damn interesting!!! Some very beautiful loose creations in loveable fabrics.

Nicholas Christensen

Lovely sheer fabrics scrunched into beautiful designs, loved his use if colour and the ammmazzinggg leg’s on this model.

Gary Bigeni

Didn’t fail in delivering his signature design; a relaxed jersey style wrap dress with luxurious detail PERFECT design that flatters everyone. Used beautiful simple colours and fabrics. LOVE THESE HEELS! –

Lui Hon

Season one of Project Runway did nothing to highlight this designers talent. Easily the best use if the ‘nude drape’ in his collection. Had some beautiful black and gold embellishment and also utilized the glitz of the sequin. BIG FAN


Love the complex designs in traditional tailoring. Used soft prints and a pale palette which complemented the collection.

Kooey Australia

Exquisite swimwear, Exquisite accessories and Exquisite models. Loved the prints and designs which had a great aesthetic appeal. The swimwear collection looked fantastic but is also totally wearable. A must for every woman.

Saint Augustine Academy

Great red and black contrast’s in the colour palette. Loved the tailored grey suiting. The white bohemian style dresses were a chic version of fabulous!

Michael Lo Sordo

Fernando Frisoni

Usually very loose and layered in his designs with a mostly dark palette; the collection showcased an array of newly tailored pieces with beautifully splashed colours in red and blue comprising of many FANTASTIC prints.

Ruby Smallbone

Definitely the ‘go-to ‘designer for your summer tees! Very cute designs in washed out florals and abstract paneling. Gives a great fresh look to the traditional t-shirt design.

Gail Sorronda

Absolutely AMAZING! Beautiful Designs in such fabulous fabrics. Loved the ballet inspired dresses and skirts, the OTT head dresses and beyond chunky jewelery. Was very out-there designs but I would actually wear most of the collection. LOVE


Have a great weekend


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