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Is it or isn’t it.

From a young age I have showered with my girlfriends without a care in the world. Rubbing bum cheeks in the shower, comparing breasts as they grew from small buds – just a part of growing up. It’s always been normal for me.

As I am now officially a ‘grown up ‘ things are a little bit less PG rated – buds are now (well in SOME cases) big bouncing breasts and we all have asses, pins and many other body parts that all relate back to S.E.X. A girls night will now consist of skinny dipping in the spa, comparing breast firmness by groping each other’s and when REALLY bored – at a last resort – comparing vagina’s.

Friendships between my groups of girls are that close that when one of us is on the toilet we will sit outside the door and chat to keep the other company without thinking it weird in the slightest. We will also go to the toilet whilst the other is showering – naturally chattering away the whole time. (And everyone knows that at clubs girls go to the loo together; we can’t go by ourselves – it’s actually impossible).

To me all of the above behaviour is TOTALLY normal.

But is it?

After my blog last week on the relationships between the SATC girls; a colleague and I had a discussion on the ‘normality’ of the fact that my friends and I are constantly naked around one another.

Perhaps it’s my generation? But this colleague (my boss) found it V abnormal – her friends have never seen her naked and if she was to see them she would die of mortification.

So give me your feedback, is it normal to be naked around your friends or abnormal?

Are we too open and should we keep SOME things secret?

Should we keep our clothes on or continue the UN [gay] female loving?


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One thought on “Is it or isn’t it.

  1. Victoria Clifton on said:

    I just had to put my input in this one….totally normal!!! If you haven’t seen your fiends naked yet then you don’t really know each other.

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