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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Skin.

Yes Please.

Well I am currently flaunting it –

It being the hottest trend of the season – a classic – forever in style –

Spotless skin.

And I am proud of it babe, modesty has never been my forte – thus when I’m proud of something I tell people– and I have some damn fine skin rocking at the moment.

Nothing makes me happier than looking in the mirror at the moment – (and I just realised that my head seems to have expanded so much that my ears are in different time zones.)

Line free, moist and supple, no pimples or blemishes, no pigmentation or anything bad at all!!!!

Anyway I thought that I shouldn’t be selfish and share my current skin care regime with you all as it is SO SIMPLE yet SO EFFECTIVE–


• I simply wash my face in the morning with cold water
• Tone with Witch Hazel
• Moisturise with Dr LeWinn’s ‘moisture Restoring Cream’ and ‘ Oil Control Day Fluid’ ( I mix the two)


• If I feel as if my skin is dehydrating in the air-conditioning I spray my face with ‘Evian Mist’ or ‘Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner’.


• Cleanse in the shower with ‘Redwin Soberlene Cream Cleanser’ OR ‘Biore Pore-Unclogging Scrub’
• Apply ‘Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil’ to my face
• I then use ‘Ella Bache Response Cream ‘on any areas that have the slightest HINT of breaking out.



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