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‘The List’

As I was driving home yesterday Hamish and Andy were on; and as per usual I looked like an idiot as I threw my head back in laughter to what they were saying, yet I was alone in the car and in traffic (Crazy bitch).

(As a side note if either Hamish or Andy read this please do contact me – I think we would become firm friends.)


The topic under discussion on air involved a ‘friend‘ who had found a rating scheme on her fiancés computer AKA a spreadsheet that decrypted every woman he had ever slept with and a rating out of ten (weather this was looks based or performance based I have no idea – maybe a combo?).

Girls all over the world get so worked up about the topic of ‘the list’ – (even though everyone has one) and I truly believe it comes down to a lack of confidence and jealousy.

AHHHH Jealousy the biggest relationship killer, so many girls I know get all huffy and puffy if their boyfriend even LOOKS at another girl –Jesus calm down he’s with you and if he does do something get rid of him – it’s actually a lot less complicated than chicks make it out to be.

‘The list’ (also known as ‘The Little Black Book’) has been going on for as long as it wasn’t a case for the courts to have sex before you were married; so why do people make such a big deal about it?

Everyone has a list and the fact that this one poor guy was organized enough to map his out is worth commendation – I would hire him for his forward thinking and being organized in all aspects of his life –


I got the hint that this guy was well into the triple digits on his list – which provokes the question of ‘how many is too many’?

I have girlfriends who have slept with only one person and I also have girlfriends who are closer to the bicentennial than single digits. Same with many guys I know.

What classifies someone – male or female as a slut?

I don’t have a problem with anyone’s number little or high, however I do have problems with the parties involved.

If you have a one night stand – fine whatever. But please don’t do it with a trashy piece of shit – sex should be done with some one that you are going to wake up in the morning – look over – and think oh shit yeah’ rather than ‘ahhh where are my pants, my bra/tie – get me outa here’. (This excludes beer goggles as I do believe that is a valid excuse)

I don’t have a problem with anyone’s number – some of the classiest people I know actually have huge numbers and some of the trashiest are practically virgins – it all comes back to COMPOSURE, confidence and the way you act in all other areas of your life.

And in terms of ‘the list’- get over it – just be happy that you are getting some love and not a sad nun locked up in a cave.

Have a great weekend everyone – and if you are the sort of person who would get upset over a list – lighten up– life will be all the more fun.


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One thought on “‘The List’

  1. margaret northam on said:

    well written kelly, very funny your a crack up and you write so well, I loved reading the articles you wrote, you are a very talented young lady.

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