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It’s a Gay Issue

The term gay is primarily used in society as a colloquialism for homosexuality – people who prefer there own sex over the opposite.

We are currently mid 2010 – Just the numerals of the year signify futurism so why are we still living in the past?

Why is this (homosexuality) seen by some as such a crime – doesn’t love conquer all? Why in a world of ‘free speech’ and supposed ‘acceptance’ are the gay minority groups still classed as second class citizens?

Yes you read correctly, in Australia a person is classed as a first class citizen by having the right to vote, pay taxes, get married etc. So what our government is saying is that a person who has been born and raised in Australia is less of an Australian citizen than someone who received their citizenship yesterday – all because of their PRIVATE sexual preference. So wrong on so many levels.

I find it funny that worldwide we are known as the luckiest country in the world – everyone wants to live here, just look at immigration – yet yesterday my value and respect for my country was plummeted to a whole new degree.

It began on Friday – I heard on the radio that extra public transport had been increased for Saturday to aid the influx of weekend city goers for the event – the event being the arrival of Jessica Watson.

What about the other big event? A worldwide rally which the gay population was participating in Sydney City to create awareness about the lack of gay equality in our country.

I was wondering all day Saturday what would feature on the front page of the Sunday papers, Jessica or the Rally, and stupidly my naive mind was leaning towards the rally.

I wondered what was more important – a teenager paddling around the world on a sponsored adventure AKA a fully expense paid trip around the world or one of Australia’s biggest debates – why the gay population isn’t treated as equals in our society.

As I ran down the street yesterday to get one of my many Sunday luxuries ‘The Sunday Telegraph’ (the highest circulating paper in Australia) I came home not daring to peek at the cover in apprehension.

An hour later I was lost for words, was the media serious? Was Australia that fucked up that we wanted to read not just the front page but an added 3 double spread page feature on every last detail of Jessica Watson’s journey right down to her bloody food intake? And I kid you not there was not ONE mention of the gay equality rally – not ONE – I have not been this pissed off in years.

Yes yes I get that Jessica is a very brave teenager and I certainly wouldn’t have done what she did when I was 16, heaven forbid 210 days without gossip and boys, never!

But seriously – WTF –Not ONE mention?

A hero – the prime minister calls her, for going after her dreams. What about the thousands of people who rallied on the SAME day in the SAME city for something being rallied for across the world – gay equality? Isn’t the right for equality a dream? Aren’t the people marching and supporting the fellow gay minority a dream worth pursuing? It’s relentless and it’s certainly been going on a lot longer than 210 days.

It was primarily a rally for marriage equality (a right still refused to anyone that isn’t in a ‘traditional relationship’) to create awareness for the government that the gay population want to be able to confirm their relationships through marriage.

The government is Christian thus they are enforcing their views on Australia – what about vegetarianism, if KRudd was a vego, would the rest of Australia be legalised against eating meat?

Straight people don’t have to justify their relationships so why do gay people?

Christian beliefs are controlling the world which is meant to be a world that incorporates freedom of expression and speech. (Apart from the middle-eastern countries – don’t even get me started on THAT!)

The gay population are not asking for traditional Christian marriage sanctities – they are well aware that homosexuality is against the religion, but what about non-religious marriages? Why are gay people denied the right to celebrate and promise their love to each other?

When will society and media in Australia wake up and leave their pathetic ignorant lives for just one second to realise that not everyone is granted the same luxuries as they are and perhaps they should start caring about something actually worth caring about.


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2 thoughts on “It’s a Gay Issue

  1. margaret northam on said:

    another well written article with an excellent comparison and i happen to agree with the article as well, so well written kelly and well said Go Girl!!!!!! We Tareeites are very proud of you you are amazing when your famous dont forget all of us.

  2. shontasia on said:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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