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Yesterday I pondered on a disturbing thought – what did girls do before the GHD?

Seriously WHAT DID WE DO!

Established in 2001, ghd is committed to developing the most effective and innovative products for the hair care industry……

And they do this better than anyone else.

Those who say that ghd’s ‘aren’t that good’ are on par with those that say the same thing about Iphones – you would like them if YOU HAD ONE!

A ghd is as essential to any girl’s room as tampons and bras. They are the living and breathing essence of beauty and with simple hand motions aiding the direction of the sleek contraption known worldwide as a ghd; limp and lifeless locks are transformed into anything from chic, sleek waves of hair or into a tangled creation of perfectly crafted curls.

A ghd is just as essential when dressing up as the outfit itself and the makeup. A great outfit and fabulous makeup will look rotten with bad hair.

Don’t have one? Get one. At around $300 they are worth the investment and once you go ghd you won’t go back.

I received my first ghd last year for my birthday off my friend – with the best hair out of ALL my friends (she’s also part Asian which explains the shininess – bitch). Ever since, the daily styling of my ‘nutty professor’ hair (blonde, big and wild with random sticky up bits) is transformed into much more office appropriate curls or straightened into an inch of its life UNDER 15 MINS!

So for all of you poor sods out there who are ghd-less, hop on the bandwagon they are well worth it, they have year warranty anyway so it’s pretty much less than a dollar per day for AMMMMAAAZZZIIIINNGGG hair year long.

Yes Please.

On the plus side for those who are in need of your first ghd or your old one has expired there are some GORGEOUS new colours added to the range, Red, Green, Purple and Blue – and as an avid lover of red – pun intended – the red is clearly my favourite and having one of them is currently more stylish than the new Josh Goot collection.

So in the end great locks all come back to the ghd – go on get one – you’re worth it!


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2 thoughts on “GHD ME

  1. margaret northam on said:

    my 2 gorgeous daughters bought me one for mothers day a few years ago and i dont use it every day, but it is great especially on my fringe.

  2. Naw!!! what happened to mentioning my name?? Im that asian!! my ‘friend’ thanks kel 😦

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