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10 Golden Rules of Great Style

As I was reading the latest Vogue last night whilst exercising (yes I do exercise extremely hard) I came across a fabulous article one which I think relates to all women.

I thought that I would use the information provided and collaborate it with my own opinions and knowledge as let’s face it – if it were 10 things directly to be bought from the pages of vogue we would be looking at the average annual salary of most Australians.

1. Hit The Trenches

A personal winter favourite of mine; the trench is quite possibly the most classic item of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe – one that has never and will never date. A good trench oozes class, style and versatility. It alludes to a mix of high fashion and a hint of sexiness – after all what do have on underneath?
Burberry is well known as the place to go for a trench – with a vast range of tones and fits to tailor every skin tone and size and at a pricey $2500 (average) it is actually worth it in the wears you will get out of it – not to mention the compliments.

On a tighter budget? Never fear as plenty of high street stores and chain stores carry some great trenches from just $49.95 (however beware of weird fits and dodgy quality – obviously you get what you pay for).

2. Know what YOU LOOK LIKE

Too often I see fabulous outfits swimming on girls or so tightly stretched I can’t tell if it’s Prada or Prado.
Know your size and look in the mirror. Just because some thing is really fashionable, cheap or ‘ just beautiful’ does not mean you should buy it; because hunny if we can see your panty lines we don’t care what the label is we just want you to put the offensive body parts away.

‘Fit is fundamentally more important than fashion’ – Remember that.

3. Shoes should be made for walking not wincing.

Break them in before you wear them out – in the office, while you’re watching TV at night etc and whatever you do – DO NOT buy shoes if when you try them on your face pulls into an expression resembling Joan Rivers.

Every fabulous woman should own at least ONE pair of fabulous heels that they feel great in and are to die for.

As hard as it is for me to type – flats are also important and well worth investing in. For day to day wear cute flats are the way to go. Think otherwise? Google Bunions – that will change your mind.

4. The Tee’

A good t-shirt is like a good best friend – you can always turn to them and they always fit perfectly. FIND THAT TEE! Soft cotton that drapes rather than hugs is generally the way to go and if you find the perfect tee – STOCK UP they are a rare find!

5. Memories are the REAL diamonds.

I can’t stand stores like DIVA and Equip, why on earth would you want a piece of jewellery that hundreds of girls all over Australia are wearing.

Every single piece in your jewellery box should have a story and memory behind it – it doesn’t have to be an expensive piece just something that represents YOU and your style.

Great jewellery is remembered over outfits a lot of the time and a plain old dress can look brand new with an embellished brooch or huge drop earrings. Think of Angeline Jolie last year at the Oscars, I have no idea what she was wearing but I do remember those amazing emerald drop earrings she wore.

My own jewellery box is quite sparse – that’s because I am only 21 and slowly building my pieces and the memories that lie with them. Think about the Carrie necklace – she bought it when all of her friends were together. IT MEANT SOMETHING!

6. Raise the bar with good tailoring.

Cheap clothes can be bought, but invest in getting it tailored. Whenever my friends and I go market shopping, I usually picks up a great find – however I will usually have to get a new seam here or a nip just there, and it makes the dress look $300 not $30!

As John Galliano for Christian Dior once proclaimed ‘Every wardrobe needs one GREAT tailored jacket’ I have a few but all of them are tailored to my form.

7. Choose a bag with character.

Plain bags are boring – I have a great black bag for the office but that’s the only place I would EVER wear it! I have a great grey vintage bag which I wear EVERYWHERE currently and it goes with absolutely everything. Every woman should have a bag that they absolutely LOVE, one that they can put with everything and always feel fabulous wearing.

8. Stay Interesting

I am a prime culprit of many a time going for fail-safe all black (but it looks so good with blonde hair!) However I do try to make things interesting with a fuchsia scarf or a sequined belt. It is important to incorporate many colours, designs and accessories in your wardrobe as constantly wearing all black moves you away from funky and fashionable to boring and corporate. blah

9. Ensure Your Wardrobe is Polished Press and Pristine

I can’t STAND seeing crumpled clothes on the bottom of a messy floor inside a wardrobe. Your wardrobe should be organised at all times. Colour coordinated and coded due to category – your clothes should be clean and ironed before being put NEAR your wardrobe. As I’ve said before organise your weekly outfits at the start of the week and as a bonus tip snap all of your outfits and create your own look-book. Whenever you’re stuck you can open it up and realise that you can team your black skinnies with this leather jacket and this singlet, and add this chunky necklace and a vintage purse. Woohoo fabulous you – minimal effort.

10. Remember NOTHING is forever

So it’s all well and good to purchase timeless classics but you do need to update and change your wardrobe to keep stylish.

Lots of people have great style but the most important thing is to have your OWN style.


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