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So Juicy

There’s something about doing something good for yourself that makes us feel so damn good. A Saturday stroll, a bowl of veggies or an extra long sleep. Treating ourselves well creates a good frame of mind and makes our entire lives and mindset healthier.

Treating our skin well gives the same effect and I KNOW that when I clog my pores with thick makeup and chemically induced products for days on end – I look and feel like shit.

Did you know that your skin absorbs over 64% of what we put onto it?

This is why I just love anything organic.

The problem with organic is that it’s a massive fad at the moment – and when things become fads everyone jumps on board and ‘claim’ that their products are organic.

A lot of them AREN’T!

The new range of skincare by ‘Juice Beauty’ IS ORGANIC. And its amaaziiinnnnnnggg.

I have been using it for the past week and felt that I just had to tell you all to get some IMMEDIATELY!

My favourite products are;

The Cleansing Milk – Soap free; this shower friendly cleanser is perfect for anyone who wants something that keeps all of the natural moisture in the skin without stripping it with the excess oil and bacteria that builds up throughout the day. The formula creates a supple, dewy look which aids in a moist complexion. Perfect for those like me who suffer facial dehydration on a daily basis!

The Green Apple Peel – Peel your skin troubles away! Perfect for someone who has an uneven skin tone; it brightens and replenishes the skin whilst stripping it from the dead skin cells and bacteria.

The Hydrating Mist – I LOVE! My favourite product in the range. Prep, tone and set your face with this fantastic three-in-one! Prep your makeup by using under your base, tone with some re-hydration and set your face by brightening your complexion when it begins to look and feel dull during the day!

The Nutrient Moisturiser – The solution for ageless beauty! Keep that skin hydrated by moisturising moisturising and more moisturising; it’s the only way to combat the signs of aging.

The Antioxidant Serum – Lightweight in formula, this serum is for anyone who is starting to show signs of aging without the etched lines and saggy skin. Creates radiance and rejunivinates tired and haggard skin.

FEED YOUR SKIN! With these delicious new products made from the healthiest and yummiest ingredients!

You know you want to


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2 thoughts on “So Juicy

  1. margaret northam on said:

    I hope this company give you a commission Kelly for recommending their product or at least some of their products for free !!!!

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