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Diamonds are Forever

Where would we be without our friends……………………..

Our friendships define us, strengthen us and are the true essence of who we really are.

Some friendships end when the sandpit gets filled and the buckets are stored away.

Some end with a fight over a pair of pants or a boyfriend probably not worth fighting over.

Some gradually fade over time with both parties losing interest in each other’s lives.

Some last beyond time.

These friendships are the recognition of similar souls. Stronger than many of the relationships we will have with men throughout our lives. It’s within these relationships that bonds as thick as blood are formed based on countless tears, laughter and memories. These friendships are supported with people who are our soul mates and are rarer to find than diamonds.

Our lives are filled with many different gems, precious stones or fake rubies but if you are lucky enough to find a diamond – never let it go. After all they say that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’; precious, rare and one of a kind.

I am lucky enough to have a few diamonds in my life; they each mean so much to me in different ways and I count myself blessed each and every-day! You all know who you are; I love you and appreciate you more than words can say.

Who are your precious diamonds? Let them know because like any diamond, friendships need to be cared for every day and occasionally given some special treatment.

Tomorrows blog – lets uncover those fake rubies; shit friends and how to avoid them!


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2 thoughts on “Diamonds are Forever

  1. margaret northam on said:


  2. Aww Kel, you write so well and it was just beautiful! You are one of my diamonds, which I’m glad I found! xx love you

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