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10 Winter Fashion Blunders

Winter is only a few days away and is arriving with a stormy vengeance. (Literally)

Firstly to prepare you, I’m going to give you a list of things NOT to wear.

1. Socks and Thongs –NO…….NAUGHTY! I don’t care how ‘Aussie‘ you think you are – NO NO and NO! Wear this combo and you will represent the majority of Australia who live in trailer parks and live of ‘4 n 20’ pies.

2. Ugg Boots – I think that they are the trashiest most boganistic fashion nightmare EVER! When I see a girl wearing them down the street I die a little inside – for the sheer mortification. I don’t even think they should be allowed at home but I guess what stays behind closed doors…………

3. Wearing Jeans Everyday – Boringgggg. I personally HATE jeans and never wear them; I see them as the lazy girls answer for ‘the bottom of an outfit’. However skinny legs do look amazing in a great pair of jeans but please DON’T wear them every day.

4. Tights as Pants – Don’t make me say it again….TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!!!!

5. Ripped Stockings/Tights– Some girls who dress ‘alternative’ (ew) try to be really edgy by wearing stocking with big ladders and holes in them. EW EW EW. Trust me when I say this – it is NOT a good look and oozes tackiness, trashiness and any other word that begins with T. (Besides terrific) Save the ripped tights for the hookers stumbling on home at 7am PLEASE!

6. Regrowth – People seem to forget in winter that they aren’t in the sun as much as in summer – thus hair needs to be touched up on more regular basis.

7. Hairy Legs – Nothing worse than spiky problems poking through stockings; REMEMBER to still maintain a certain level of hair removal in winter.

8. Baggy Boyfriend Jumpers – You know what I mean – the ‘skatey’ jumper’s that are 3 sizes too big, they usually are branded with a shiny ‘Nike’ or ‘Quicksilver’ labels– leave them for the pregnant teenagers smoking.

9. Bikini Straps –Totally understandable under a flirty dress in summer – in winter it just doesn’t work. You either look like you a) have no money for a bra or b) you’re a ‘wannabe hippie’. (Actual hippies don’t wear bras)

10. Not Dressing for the Season – sounds simple but it is the fashion blunder that occurs the most. Summer dresses and sandals DO NOT look good teamed with goose bumps and blue skin. Fork out some money you tight asses and buy some season appropriate clothes!!!

Sorry if these seem a bit harsh guys but it’s for your benefit only! And hey if you really disagree – well rules were meant to be broken right!

Don’t miss my blogs next week – in conjunction with the release of the movie I will be covering all things SATC!

Have a great weekend.


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2 thoughts on “10 Winter Fashion Blunders

  1. Haha love it.

    I agree.


    That makes a change 😛

  2. Brett Rutkowski on said:

    Haha, I love this! I’m guilty of number 3 I must say, but I will make an effort to mix it up a bit.

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