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What would we do without the little treasure known to men as our SATC box set that sits innocently in our lounge room when in actual fact it is the very life-force that holds women together all over the world when everything else is falling apart; what would we do if those 4 girls in that big city had never been created…………………………………………………

Little did Candace Bushnell realise when she first came up with the concept of ‘Sex and the City’ that she had created something that would change the way women all over the world would perceive themselves and their relationships with those around them.

The book was first published in 1996 and two quick years later was mastered into one of the most popular hit TV shows in the history of American television.

True to form, Sex and the City proved itself to be a masterpiece of creative art by increasing in popularity AFTER the show ended which is a true sign of ‘mastering the creative world’; don’t believe me? Picasso died poor and un-recognisable – he is now the most famous artist known worldwide and his pieces represent the height of artistic exclusivity.

When HBO first aired Sex and the City, women became revolutionised in their opinions and ideas about what constituted the perfect life. Gone were the days when a husband, four brats and a mortgage were mandatory – in its place was a plentiful of nights on the town, cocktails, labels, casual sex and the freedom to do as YOU please.

This way of life is becoming more popular as the years go on and some may call it selfish but hey each to their own right? And really shouldn’t WE have the choice to buy a $600 pair of Manolo Blahnik’s over some dingy old Clark school shoes for snotty children? Or spend an entire month’s rent on a VERY expensive haircut. Yes we should and SATC has shown us that WE CAN!

To begin this week of all things SEX (in celebration of the 2nd film) I thought I would write about the most important things that I have learnt from SATC. (Because surely after 94 episodes i have learnt something right?)

1.Your friendships are the most important thing in the world – your friends are your true soul mates and there is no greater happiness than the moments spent with these fantastic people.

2. NEVER fake orgasms or pretend anything in bed – There is no point in having sex unless both parties are enjoying it. Failure to voice what the other person is doing wrong or NOT doing will ultimately create a giant rift in the relationship.

3. Always dress well – There are too many beautiful fabrics, colours, designs and labels out there to be ignorant of good fashion.

4. Find a job you love and that you are good at – simple really; after all why spend 35+ hours per week doing something you don’t enjoy?

5. Go out, drink, dance and have fun.

6. Don’t take men to seriously – they say what they mean!

7. Have at least ONE fantastic gay male friend to always be your most valued opinion maker for all men and fashion related problems.

8. Be open to any opportunity that gets thrown your way; moving overseas, a new job, a different guy, an affair (JOKING) – life is meant to be lived so fill it with as many experiences as possible!

9. Laugh as much as you possibly can.

10. Getting married and having babies does not have to be your primary goal – the many F’s are just as important to a happy and fulfilling life; food, fashion, fun, friends, flirting and fabulousness!


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