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Ahhhhhh the fashion portrayed in Sex and the City- without it would we ever have the courage to wear half of the ensembles we put together?

Patricia Field is a true visionary and knows great style like no other.

Simple plain outfits are not welcome in her world of sex and replacing the typical women’s wardrobe of simple dresses, coats, t-shirts and pencil skirts in a monotone palette of black, cream,  and grey is something she excels at. Field replaces this with an array of brightly splashed colours, bold accessories, amazing textures, intense patterns and a vast range of fabrics from denim to cotton to leather.

So what were the magical elements of style infused with OUTSTANDING pieces in the wardrobe Field built and collected for her masterpiece Carrie Bradshaw?

1. The Tutu – An iconic piece that staged the opening segment of all 94 episodes. Nothing more feminine, girly and pretty than the tutu; Carrie pulled the tutu off on more than a few occasions.

2. The Prints – Prints create eclectic looks and add an element of interest to any design.

3. The Accessories – Field was constantly mixing it up; weather she teamed Carries outfit with completely OTT  accessories or just her simple ‘Carrie’ necklace ; the accessories constantly held and made the outfits.

‘Another cocktail bar, another dazzling sequin top. In this scene Field opted to put Carrie in a see-through blouse by Viktor & Rolf, and added edginess by teaming it with an androgynous black tie.’

4. The Vintage Flourish – Field mixes vintage styles and prints with cutting edge designs and labels perfectly.

5. The Layering – So few perfect this but Field masters it.

6. The Eclectic Appeal – So often Carrie was seen in outfits that would look borderline ridiculous on the hangers – Field teams them together and makes it work.

‘Field showed how to do winter chic in style in the first Sex and the City movie: a puffball Dolce & Gabbana skirt, a cosy knitted wrap, long gloves, and white shoe boots.’

7.  The Shoes – Almost as famous as Carrie herself, the shoes were PART of the outfits; not just an accessory.

‘THOSE Blue shoes’

8. The Tailoring – Patricia Field proves my point about good tailoring in every ensemble she dresses SJP in, EVERYTHING is tailored to her shape making it look that much more fabulous.

‘The BELT and HEELS that started the ‘Gladiator’ craze.’

‘What does a girl wear to her first day at Vogue magazine? Why, a perfect-fit, ultra-feminine pinstripe suit by Vivienne Westwood, of course. And don’t forget the ubiquitous ‘Carrie’ nameplate necklace. City-chic in perfect, figure-fitting form.’

9.  The Outfits – Those moments in SATC where Field makes you sigh at the whole collection made into one AMAZING look.

‘Vivienne Westwood, blush-pink, netted floral dress and the gorgeous matching sandals and white waist belt.’

‘Carrie is full of joie de vivre as she arrives in Paris to embark on a new life with Alexander Petrovsky. She gets into the French style-spirit in a nautical, floral-enhanced top by Sonai Rykiel, a sparkly coat by Benaz Sarafpour, a sophisticated Judith Leiber cream clutch and a Chanel cap with a pearl trim.’

10.  The Dresses – The BEAUTIFUL dresses that seemed to be created from only the prettiest designs and fabrics, the dresses that make SATC what it is to women.

‘As the realization dawns that life in Paris isn’t as great as she thought it would be, Carrie’s ruffled princess dress by Versace Couture serves as a poignant symbol of the fairytale in France that didn’t have the storybook ending.’

My favourite fashion scene from the first film!


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2 thoughts on “SATC – THE FASHION

  1. A few of those are terrible, but the majority of what she does is great.

    You’ve made a mistake with the quote for the first picture of the Accessories section. It’s above AND below it 🙂

  2. Judy on said:

    You rock girl…. So clever for one so young!!!

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