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Without sex the series wouldn’t have been what it is today; released in the 90’s it was the first popular TV show that strayed from the switch of the scene in a heated moment to showing everything EXCEPT the who-har and wang (apart from a few glimpses here and there and the Italian stallions lovely member which shot that clause to shit in the film). Everything was on show; from the thrown back heads, faces masked in ecstasy to bouncing breasts, grunts and a plentiful of thrusting motions – society wanted more sex  and HBO gave it to them making its mark as the hit TV show for the female genre.

The majority of Sex and the City involved relationships and the sex that occurs within these relationships and many different angles were covered;

  • Homosexual Sex
  • Sexual Fantasies
  • One Night Stands
  • Flings
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Short Term Relationships
  • Unrequited Love
  • The F*** Buddy

So did they cover all of these relationships well?

Homosexual Sex – SATC covered the gay genre well with the ‘token gay best friend‘and his relationships. It also delved into lesbianism with Samantha’s character which was also done well. The show included references to gay clubs, drag queens and bi-sexuality however I don’t think I learnt much considering I am still constantly asking my gay flatmate many a question about sex between men and am sometimes surprised at the answers. I also have scared his lesbian friends on more than one occasion when I’ve asked them inappropriate questions about ‘how things work’ less than 5 minutes after we have just met.

Sexual Fantasies – Two words. Smith Jerrod. Every single fantasy a woman would ever wish for – he did it. LOVE THE DOMINANCE!  SATC also covered the bad fantasies AKA um…..remember the politician who wanted Carrie to pee on him? Or the freak Miranda went out with who liked to eat…….well her ass. The was also the S&M scene involving Samantha ( of course), Charlotte’s gardener dreams and many many more. SATC made it OK for women to voice their fantasies whether it be a threesome or role play!

One Night Stands – This is the one area that I think SATC failed MISERABLY at! In terms of GOOD one night stands then they did that well; but real life probably hands out one great one-night-stand to every thousand. Samantha is pretty much the only character on SATC who had ACTUAL one night stands as a proper one night stand is when you literally never see them again. Generally you are quite drunk – you flirt – you go home – you f*** (well lets not lie there is no lovemaking involved) – you wake up in the morning and the awkwardness is palpable.  The end result is usually that both parties would prefer to forget the whole ordeal (USUALLY – NOT ALWAYS) and they carry on with their merry little lives.

Flings – I personally think that flings are great, I had plenty of them before I met my Jaz Bar and had the time of my life. SATC portrayed flings well, how they can be good; once again – Samantha, and bad; Carrie with Harry’s best man (her crook neck was the end result), and Miranda’s fling with the phone sex guy (he turned out to be ‘flinging’ with many different people).

Long Term Relationships – Clearly SATC covered this topic VERY well. All four girls had multitudes of long term relationships with bar boys from Brooklyn and small peckered Parisians to Russian artists and terry-towelling banker wankers. They covered all issues that can occur in long term relationships from abandonment, affairs and adoption to moving, money and marriage.

Short Term Relationships – I loved some of the shorter relationships portrayed in SATC more than some of the ones that went for longer! These relationships seemed to end under better circumstances than others; Charlotte’s relationship with her chef friend who she thought was gay, the Jazz guy that Carrie had the BEST orgasms of her life with, that HOT black guy Samantha was with (with the tiffanies earrings) and Robert, Miranda’s doctor boyfriend who lived in her building.

Unrequited Love – We know this topic was covered with one word – BIG. Six seasons of back and bloody forth between the two, Big never loving Carrie as much as she loved him and Carrie CONSTANTLY running back to him like a pathetic puppy.

The F*** Buddy– I think it was proved in SATC that a lot of the time an FB doesn’t work but on the rare occasion it does – well great, and on the even rarer occasion it turns out to be the love of you life life…….even better


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2 thoughts on “SATC – THE SEX

  1. ‘the sex that occurs within these relationships and many different angels were covered…’

    Did you mean angles? 😉

  2. ieuan thomas on said:

    I am such a Miranda

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