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For certain audiences Sex and the City was the most eagerly anticipated film since ‘Gone with the Wind’ and was the ONLY film since GWTW to acquire a recognizable acronym before its release.

Plot lines were leaked, fake trails were made for the gossip magazines and the whole advertising industry went berserk capitalizing on all things sex. Tickets were pre-booked months in advance and events were structured around the premiers of the film in a style of decadence usually reserved for the queen.

Sex and the City – The Movie lived up to the hype, it was a spectacular array of emotions, colours and characters that left the audience feeling a high usually reserved for illicit substances. (I joke) The narration by Carrie (a sexual anthropologist who writes about the sexual behaviour of New Yorkers – because you didn’t know that) tied the multiple stories and subtexts together to create a beautiful and memorable moment in film history. The sinful nature of the sitcom was only slightly stamped with bourgeois propriety in the film which was warranted to appeal to such mass audiences.

It made us laugh out loud at Samantha shovelling guacamole down her throat as she rather pervishly spied on her UBER HOT neighbour ‘Dante’, created a massive lump in our throat as Carrie is looking out to sea after being left at the altar (in which we DID actually cry), we blessed the joy of friendship as Carrie is spoon fed by Samantha, enjoyed the happiness that surrounded Charlotte and we were filled with tearful joy the moment that Steve and Miranda reconciled on Brooklyn Bridge. Bless.

Never before has a film created so many emotions in such a short space of time (well some critics said it wasn’t short enough – but they are straight men; what do they know about SATC!)

I saw the film twice at the cinema and promptly bought it for a high price a week before it went on sale nationally – and have watched it in excess of 100 times (no joke).

The only thing I found odd in the movie was the little mention of the city, which gets equal billing in the title. Thus my query. Where in the sitcom the synergies between city and sex were linked between the pulse and lifestyle of New York and the behaviour of the characters, the film had little to no mention of their ‘fabulous’ city.

However, when it comes to the crunch, the first film was an unashamed celebration of materialist values, an orgy of labels, brands and product placements as sinful, by implication, as the behaviour of the characters.

And the audience LOVED every second of it.

I wonder what the second film will be like………………….Excuse me while I go and find out!


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