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Going GaGa

A few years ago the name Lady Gaga would be met with the response ‘who’ and “what the’. She now is a worldwide recognized bona-fida star who released a new feature film clip for alejandro yesterday which received over 5 million hits on You Tube in 24 hours ……

Yep she’s made it.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet then please do as it has sparked OUTRAGE in the catholic community and is seen as too sexually explicit blah blah. I think it’s fantastic…..the almost 9 minute clip is a true representation of art and how it can be portrayed through the digital medium of film. Then again I also think it’s ludicrous to compare the brilliant Bill Henson’s work with child pornography……maybe some people just don’t ‘get’ art.

Either way I thought that the choreography, the dancing and characters represented in the clip were great. (I also thought that the ‘sexually orientated’ scenes in the cot-like bed were HOT, if only I could find a guy to throw me around like that!)

My theory on the success of all things Gaga relates back to her image. She’s joining the likes of Madonna, Kylie and Michael Jackson in their truly SHOWSTOPPING constant representation to the general public.

It’s a combination of her:

• Quirky futuristic look which is entirely GAGA and not a re-representation of someone else

• Wonderfully weird and crazy fashion WHICH SHE ALWAYS MAINTAINS

• Theatrical style concerts

• Eccentric and eclectic public image

• Pop music with an edge

• Feature styled music video clips

• CONSTANTLY keeping the public on their toes, one week she’s offending the Catholics another she’s hinting at the possibility of a penis

Love her or Hate her, the world has gone GAGA and it looks like she’s here to stay.


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  1. HATE her

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