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Branded by Russel

Funny man Russel Brand entertained over 7000 Sydneysiders last night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and I was lucky enough to be there.

And what a night it was, accompanied by quite possibly the funniest female in world; Ashley proved to be great entertainment herself as she crumped and shimmied in the aisles much to the amusement of the other patrons. (I blame the hip flask we sneaked in past security.)

The opening act was in its own right just that – an opening act. Made everyone laugh but really we couldn’t give a shit, we wanted RUSS!

Finally he emerged in his usual style (I went to his show last year), with his infamous swagger and big grin making a truly memorable entrance with energetic background music and just standing on the stage – his charismatic personal reeking out of him.

He quickly jumped down into the audience and began kissing, hugging and groping audience members (they loved it as you can see above) By this point we had  already begun laughing whilst wishing we were on the floor so we could chase him and gang bang him….

Yes we would, straight men don’t see it but F**K he is SEXY!!!! Every female in the audience wanted a piece of that 5 day beard growth, greasy black mop of hair and skinny body encased in ill-fitting pants (sounds attractive huh) It’s not until you see him live that you get the full force of his charisma, charm, humour and sex appeal.

A very entertaining hour ensued in which random tangents occurred from making friends with  paper scraps and calling a member of the audiences Dad on his phone.  (In which he pushed the topic of child sex abuse very far with humour that seemed to make it funny.)

He pushed ALL boundaries so far across the line it wasn’t visible to the naked eye anymore with comic references to;

  • Bestiality
  • Animal Cruelty (The only segment that made me cringe – I just hope he was kidding about kicking his dog)
  • A woman’s menstrual cycle mingled in with Edward Cullen (I am not delving any further)
  • Pedophilia

He also showed gave the audience advice on;

  • Dumping someone
  • Threesomes
  • The do and dont’s of anal sex
  • And the’ how to’ sex show in which on two occasions he actually simulated sexual intercourse (among others Sex acts) on stage with a chair and then later his table

All in all in was a fantastically funny show and was worth every cent in laughs. As for the man himself well he can brand me any day…………(Pun Intended)

Have a great LONG weekend everyone


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