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World Cup Fever

I am about to admit something which APPARENTLY is a massive crime against society and culture.

I could not care LESS about the world cup. Not only this but up until last Friday I didn’t actually know what sport was incorporated within it; if  I’d had to guess I would have chosen Rugby Union.

The above is apparently the WORST thing I could say to my office dominated by men and the lone 3 other women who are the opposite to me and take to sport like a duck to water.

When I walked into the office last Friday I was ambushed by my colleagues brandishing a frighting looking envelope which contained names for what was called a ‘sweep stake’. Upon my flat refusal to ‘bet’ and pick a team or two, my job was threatened and I was BULLIED into contributing my $3 and choosing a team, ( I was presented with Greece as my country) When later, they had the audacity to ask me to go in again I laughed in their faces HA $6 is almost a fashion magazine – I don’t think so.

So what is it about the World Cup that gets people so riled up and creates so much rivalry between countries and comradeship in them?

Is it simply that soccer is the one thing that every single country has in common? Because even in the poorest countries with little to no communication with the outside world – they still manage to understand the fundamentals to soccer and spend many a day kicking balls through makeshift goals enjoying the fun and friendship that soccer brings immensely.

The history that I have with soccer is not good – finding it extremely boring and being incredibly uncoordinated I still somehow conned the sport teachers in high school into allowing me to tag along to sport trips (as they were a whole lot of fun) with no interest in the actual sport, I went solely for the social side of things and to get away from my family for a few days. When it became crunch time and I actually had to play,  I was always quickly booted of the game after pushing someone over, swearing at the reef or re-doing my hair in the corner of the field.

(even in rivally) is great. ALSO the fact that i am in the sweep (albeit a small bet) it has made me take a bit more interest in who is going well or the opposed,

All this aside and my hatred for any kind of sport put to bed for awhile I can sort of see why the world cup is a big deal as I am a firm believer in world peace and think that anything which brings all countries together (even in rivalry) is great. ALSO the fact that i am in the sweep (albeit a small bet) it has made me take a bit more interest in who is going well or the opposed, this said in no way shape or form will you catch me;

  • Getting up at odd hours to watch a game
  • Watching a game
  • Dressing like a bogan and going to a game
  • Wearing anything ugly like those horrid green and gold scarves (or in my case anything from Greece as that is who my bet is with)
  • Reading articles about the players diets blah blah
  • Yelling and throwing my hands up in disgust if desired outcomes from games are not met

In fact the only thing I will do is actually pay slightly more attention when my collegues are discussing it; this being better than previously when I tune out and begin day dreaming about the latest Jimmy Choos and cocktails.

Anyway I hope that whoever you want to win – wins as I’m STARTING to get why you would care.


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One thought on “World Cup Fever

  1. A concerned friend on said:

    It is called FOOTBALL not Soccer. Get it right!

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