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Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer diagnosed in females in Australia. It is also the leading cause of cancer related death in females.

Our breasts are one part of our body that are useful lifelong;

  • As a hot young woman, your breasts are in the mind of every male and provide constant attention and gawking. They are there for show.
  • As a woman, your breasts are still seen as sexual stimulation but also provide life and nourishment to any children you may spawn. They provide love.
  • As an older woman, your breasts supply you with confidence (even though menopause is either far gone or on-setting) that you are STILL a women, and for those dear old biddies that have an amazing sense of humour – they provide laughter as we watch them swing and sway.

Yet, so many women are suffering breast cancer.

  • One in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85
  • Currently 36 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer every day

It was over a year ago now when my beautiful Aunt was diagnosed with developed breast cancer and the year that followed was filled with chemo, operations, radiation therapy and a lot of fear amongst the family. However we all remained positive and knew how strong she was.  Recently she proved how amazing she is by kicking cancer right in face after only little over a year!!!

Not all families will be as lucky as mine and some people suffer for much longer and in the most heartbreaking of circumstances people are lost to breast cancer after hefty fights.

This is why more research needs to be done into treating, preventing and curing breast cancer and to do this funds must be raised.

So lets kick cancer right up the ass by helping raise money into research.

I will be organizing and hosting a pink night in October and my aim is to raise as much money as possible.

Got a story? Want to be involved? Let me know.

Have a great weekend.


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One thought on “Think In Pink

  1. You are such a clever girl. I love the way you write. I will certainly be involved with your fundraising in October.
    Love you
    Judy xxx

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