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Summer has arrived with a vengeance in Europe and I know many MANY people who are venturing over there in the next few weeks to enjoy the weather, cultures and sights that Europe bestows on its visitors.

So for all these Europe dwellers and for any soon to be travelers I have created the must have list for all your travel essentials.

Considering that in the last year I have been on a long weekend to Nelson Bay, a week in Byron Bay, a cruise around the Vanuatu islands and New Caledonia, a trip around Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia AND a trip planned for October to Fiji – I think I know what I’m talking about!

The Carry On – Everyone needs to have these items in their carry-on baggage to enjoy their trip as much as possible and arrive feeling fresh not frumpy;

1) Sleeping Pills – I recommend ‘Restavit’ available from all pharmacies over the counter; restavit is a non-addictive low dose anti-histamine which lowers your central nervous system making you drowsy and allows you to have the best sleep of your life! Arrive with jet lag being a funny concept after having an amazing sleep! Take two 1/2 before wanting to rest and see ya!

2) Face Mask – Keep any lights out of your eyes with an eye mask, aids your sleep even more.

3) Ear Plugs – I recommend ‘ear planes’ an ear plug which keeps pesky noises out whilst your trying to sleeping while simultaneously stabilizing the ear air pressure so you don’t get those horrid pains when you begin to descend.

4) Book – An essential to pass time.

5) Laptop – Only if you have on flight work to do.

6) Magazines – Added entertainment.

7) Beauty Bag.

  • Hydrating face mist – Spray constantly to allow your face to remain fresh and hydrated
  • Concealer – to hide any aggravating blemishes
  • Eye Drops – Keeps eyes feeling clear and fresh rather than that horrid gritty feeling after no fresh air
  • Hand Sanitizer – USE CONSTATNLY
  • Tissues
  • Hand Moisturizer
  • Fresh Undies
  • Wipes – I recommend ‘wet wipes’ found in the baby section of most pharmacies, helps you to freshen up
  • Deodorant – Don’t be a horrible stinky passenger

Tomorrows blog – Suitcase Essentials


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